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New Home Page for grandparents.com

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thought it looked new; hadn't been here in a while

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What are your thoughts on the new home page?

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IMO, it's a nice change in a lot of ways. The picture of the GPs w/ their GC is charming! And I love the fact that there is more than one link to this/that area of the site. After all, one of the problems when this version of the site was first opened was that some people just didn't know what link to click on for what they wanted.


As a mod, I'm especially psyched that there is more than one link to this Community and that one of them gives a little explanation of what this is. Again, going back to the first days of this site, there were members who had trouble figuring out where the forums were and presumably, some who never did. Not everybody realizes what "Community" means. It may seem obvious to some but to others, it's not.


I'm sorry that they only mentioned that GPs are talking to each other in here and didn't say they are younger parents, too, but perhaps that was an oversight. I hope none of the younger members are offended by it. But, overall, I'm glad they let people know that the Community is a place to speak w/ other members.


It's unfortunately, too, IMO, that the Games link doesn't work. But I'm sure that will be remedied. I sent Latoya a PM about this and a couple of other problems I saw on the page. I'm sure they will be fixed soon.


I'm also concerned that it doesn't contain links to all the features of the site, whereas the previous HP did. But the thread you've linked here also lets members know where to find them.


Some people, I know don't like the talking ad that comes on, inviting people to join GP.com/AGA. I don't mind it, but I notice that it appears to be gone now. Not sure why...


IME, there are almost always some problems with/some complaints about a new HP/ There were w/ the last one, too. But overall, IMO, it's a very attractive and helpful page. :)


ETA: Oops! I spoke to soon - the talking ad is back.

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