Navigating, the Community & Club Newcomer - 2016 (Includes Link to Acronym Guide) - Updated!

By RoseRed135 in Club Newcomer,
Knowing how bewildering it can be to find your (general) way around a site when you're a new member, I've decided to provide, below, a set of "directions," as to what has to offer and where to find it all. I've also included a set of FAQs about this Community, including a few about this group, in particular, beginning with Post # 6 below.  Further down, post 11 offers a link to an acronyms/definitions guide. (Numbers can be found on the top left of each post in this thread, beginning w/ post # 2.) To make it all a little easier to follow, I've divided the info and FAQs into various sections, spread out over several posts (you'll see). You don't necessarily have to read it straight through, although you may find it helpful to read it all, over time. Please feel free to read any section you feel you need to/that interests you, at any point. Bold lettering is used here for emphasis and for titles.  Exceptions and, sometimes, info of special significance (such as the list of forums and their Lead Moderators in Post #8, below), will be printed in red. So will updates - please check this thread for them, periodically. If the title of a discussion thread mentioned here has been changed significantly, it will be posted in red, as well, temporarily. Meanwhile, if you're having any trouble navigating the new Home Page, please see post # 4 below. It has recently been updated.   Also, before posting in any forum, please read the following thread:   And though more specific Rules and Guidelines  are touched on in this thread, they are discussed more fully in "New, Concise Version of the Posting and Moderating Guidelines": Links to other helpful information can be found throughout this thread, depending on the category. Questions? - If you have any further questions about this group, please post them in the Reply box, below. Or send me a PM. (To learn how to PM - private/personal message - someone, see post 9, below.) If you have questions about another specific group, please PM the mod or mods that are, apparently, running that group.    - Technical or Other Questions About the Community? Please feel free to ask what you want to know in the Member Questions forum at the top of the Community Index: When you go there, just click on Ask a Question and key your concern into the box that appears. You can also contact by simply clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the Index Page and keying in your message.   ETA: I realize that in this forum, there seems to be some overlap between this thread and the monthly welcome threads. But, for the most part, they are different.  
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