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If you've been cut off by your adult son or daughter and family... possible triggers...

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15 hours ago, INCOGNITO said:

I am new here!  My husband and I have only been allowed to see our 2 granddaughters of 11  and 6 yrs old less than 5 times, and our 1 year old grandson only once.  For all these years there have been excuse after excuse, and now all the kind and gentle ways I have tried to change this situation for the better of us and the grandchildren, my daughter in-law rules my son into thinking we are bad people.  We are nothing like that.  Her latest 'excuse' for NEVER seeing all of them ever again, is that she says that I (the grandmother!) tried to poison their oldest daughter with a candy that may have had a trace of peanut allergy.  I admit my (OUR) mistake, and have apologised SO MANY TIMES, to no avail.  We love our grandchildren, and really tried for many years to love and forgive her. But I don't think she will ever see the light.  I am heartbroken and want to look into grandparents rights in NJ to see our grandchildren.  If anyone has gone down this horrible nightmare, please let me know if you have any information.  OR any suggestions.  I am truly heartbroken!!!

Anonymous poster hash: e7bf6...519

Welcome Incognito! My heart goes out to you and DH (dear husband)! It must hurt to see your GC so infrequently. And how horrible to have your DIL accuse you of "(trying) to poison" their oldest child! TBF (to be fair), triggering a peanut allergy can be life-threatening for some children. I don't blame DIL for being upset. But you've admitted your mistake and apologized. For her to accuse you of deliberately trying to harm your GD (granddaughter) is way over the top! I'm so sorry!

Please realize that if you want your posts to remain "Incognito," you must choose the anonymous option every time you post. The site doesn't "remember." In fact, please see the PM (personal message) I sent you, as explained in the post above this one..

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