How to Change Your Username

By RoseRed135 in Mothers-in-Law Anonymous,
Want to change your username/display name in this Community? It's easy!: Just do the following: 1. click on your username at the top right of this page 2, click on  Account Settings  3. click on Display Name  4. key in your new name where shown  5. press Save. Your display name will change immediately on all your posts and PMs, etc. in this community. Please let a moderator or administrator know if you make such a change though, to avoid confusion/so we don't suspect that you have 2 accounts on the board. Also, please be advised that you are permitted to make 3 Display Name changes in a period of 30 days. This ^^^^ will change your name in the Community only. To see how to change your name in other parts of, see below...  
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