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10 hours ago, LifeIsGal220 said:

@RoseRed135 - Hi Rose.  Thanks so much for the kind words. You're very welcome. I've just found this site and I'm really looking forward to gaining as much insight as I can into this particular topic so that our family can move forward with confidence in our love, and support for one another.  I truly want our DD and SIL to feel confident in the decisions they make.  They have their reasons and methods, and I trust in their love for the Grandboy.  I'm trying to make it a priority to understand their reasoning for choosing their methods and to look for the best things that come out of it so that I can show my support to them.

Once again, IMO, you have a lovely, positive attitude. As far as being able to "understand their reasoning" and "show (your) support to them," you might have to "fake it till you make it," as they say. Or at least, avoid challenging them on their methods. If the change in childcare arrangements was some kind of reaction to the recent argument, another one might lead to further changes, which you might not be ready for. Hopefully not, but why take the chance?*

Thanks also for the insight into some littles having difficulty with more than one or two adults (authorities) in the room at the same time.  I hadn't considered that.  Good thought to entertain when, or if this happens again. Glad you found this idea helpful!

Thanks again for the kind words and insight.  Blessings.  :)

Thanks for the good wishes! Same to you! :)

* Then again, once you've become a full-fledged Member here (amassed 10 posts), you'll be able to open your own thread. There you can give more details about DD's and SIL's parenting methods, if you wish, and others here may be able to help you understand them. To gather those 10 posts, if you're interested, please feel free to post more here or look around the forums and find other recent or pinned threads to post in.


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