The 10-Post Rule - Getting in those 1st 10 replies!

By RoseRed135 in Club Newcomer,
Ok, so you (general new member) have to amass 10 replies before you can open a conversation thread of your own.  (Same if you would like to start a blog or use the Gallery.). Some newcomers seem to be very good at doing that but others appear to have more trouble. For that reason, I thought I would make some suggestions, as to how (and how not) to go about it. Actually, I don't think you should be in a hurry to get in those 10 posts. I recommend giving yourself time to look around this Community, do some reading, get to know the place and familiarize yourself w/ the guidelines, personal attack definitions and, perhaps, the acronyms that are often used here. But if you've already done all that or are truly eager to start your own thread, then please read on... Suggested Ways to Amass 10 Replies: 1. Post in any "stickypost"/thread pinned (with a thumb tack icon) to the front of a forum  (unless it's locked like this one). 2. Look for and post in one or two threads that tend to be more lightweight or less controversial. These can often be found in the following forums: General Gabbery, Grandma's Pantry, Hobby Corner, Book Club. Also,  there are some lightweight threads suggested below. * I don't recommend getting in all/most of your 10 replies this way though, b/c then you won't get a feel for the more serious threads. 3. Look around for and post in threads or blogs that "speak to" you. 4. Post short, simple replies if you don't have a lot to contribute to a thread or don't feel comfortable saying too much yet. Exs: "I agree with the other posters"..."So sorry you're going through this"... "How interesting!" 5. If you're a divorced/widowed/never-married GP, you might want to check out some of the threads in the Single GPs forum, listed at the bottom of the Community Index:   What to Avoid - Anything you post will count towards your 10 replies, unless, unfortunately, it's deleted, due to violations or unless you post it, using the INCOGNITO option. But please avoid doing the following, so as not to annoy or antagonize other posters: 1. Throwing in irrelevant comments just to get in another post 2. Hijacking another member's post - It's ok to commiserate w/ the OP (original poster) by relating your own similar experience, but please do not use someone else' thread to ask for advice on your own situation. Exception: A thread obviously intended to be general - usually, those were started by a moderator or administrator and often are stickyposts (threads pinned to the front of a group) 3. Bumping up an old thread (one more than 3 months old),  Exception: Threads pinned to the front of a forum w/ a thumbtack icon/aka "stickyposts" (unless locked like this one). 4. Posting the same exact comments in various forums (hey, we know you have more imagination than that ) Exception - If a mod asks you to repost your comments in a different/more appropriate thread, for whatever reason. 5. Being unclear as to whom you're addressing - If you're not directing your comment to the OP, please use the name of the member you are talking to. Ex: "I agree, Poster X!"..."   * Here are some suggestions for lightweight threads to post in (Moderators, please feel free to add to this list at any time):                                                                      
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