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Hair loss!

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Hey all,

Just facing a small problem. It’s been a while that I’m losing my hair. Mine was a thick hair and now it’s all gone. I was so upset and didn't know what to do. My friend saw my hair in a party and she said me to do hair transplantation. I was thinking about doing it but was not sure how long the lifetime will be. If anyone has experience in doing a hair transplantation, please advice?

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I am sorry to hear this. I hope you find a solution that you are happy with. No experience with the above transplant method. However, my sister-in-law developed alopecia in her late 30s. She had gorgeous long dark curly hair and was quite devastated at first. She tried several different wigs but felt they looked fake and that they were hot and annoying. She did a variety of scarves/skull caps (she's in the medical field) and then eventually decided to just go without. She felt very conspicious at first, but it no longer bothers her at all. She loves to tell me how she puts all the money she saves on hair maintenance into massages and mani-pedis!

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