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      Tell us about your experience with signing up for Medicare   01/23/18

      We want to know what the process was like for you, any difficulties you experienced, the length of your process, etc. This is strictly research and any information you share with us will not be shared elsewhere. Please email jack@grandparents.com with the subject line: Medicare Process and we'll be in touch with specific questions.
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      PLEASE READ: We are moving the community   02/15/18

      Dear Community friends and family,   After great consideration, we are moving the Grandparents.com community to Facebook Groups effective March 15, 2018.   This wasn’t an easy decision, but we want to bring our communities together and believe the best place to do so is through Facebook’s groups feature. We’re so appreciative of you and the diverse conversations and opinions you have provided over the past 9 years. Your stories and amazing advice have helped so many readers, and have reached thousands of GP.com users. We encourage you to retrieve any information you want to retain as the forum will only be accessible by the admin after March 15, 2018. We’ve created a closed Facebook group called Mothers-in-Law Unplugged where we welcome you to continue the conversations around grandparenting, family, and in-law relationships, and any general topics we discuss here. As the group is closed and each user must be approved, your friends and family on Facebook won’t see any of your activity. Request to join the group here: http://bit.ly/milunplugged Thank you to all of our past and current users. You helped build our community, and we look forward to continuing to interact with you in the Facebook groups. If you have any questions about the groups and privacy, let’s chat about here:   Sincerely,   The Grandparents.com Team

Navigating this site, this community & this forum - Updated for 2018 (includes link to acronym guide)

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ETA: As you may/may not have seen elsewhere on the board, this Community is moving to GP.com's FB site as of March 15, 2018. The information and links provided here are current till then...

Knowing how bewildering it can be to find your (general) way around a site when you're a new member, I've decided to provide, below, a set of "directions," as to what GP.com has to offer and where to find it all. I've also included a set of FAQs about this Community, including a few about this group, in particular, beginning with Post # 6 below.  Further down, post # 10 includes a link to an acronyms/definitions guide. (Numbers can be found on the top left of each post in this thread, beginning w/ post # 2.)

To make it all a little easier to follow, I've divided the info and FAQs into various sections, spread out over several posts (you'll see). You don't necessarily have to read it straight through, although you may find it helpful to read it all, over time. Please feel free to read any section you feel you need to/that interests you, at any point.

Bold lettering is used here for emphasis and for titles.  Exceptions and, sometimes, info of special significance (such as the list of forums and their Lead Moderators in Post #8, below), will be printed in red. So will updates - please check this thread for them, periodically. If the title of a discussion thread mentioned here has been changed significantly, it will be posted in red, as well, temporarily.

Meanwhile, if you're having any trouble navigating the new Home Page, please see post # 4 below. It has recently been updated.


Also, before posting in any forum, please read the following GP.com thread:


And though more specific Rules and Guidelines  are touched on in this thread, they are discussed more fully in "New, Concise Version of the Posting and Moderating Guidelines":

While it says "on this forum" in here ^^^, these rules are actually for the whole Community  - Forums, Blogs, Gallery, etc. In fact, you'll find a similar thread or the link to one pinned to every group. Also, they were were originally posted in 2015 and have been updated/refined since then. They may not be reflected in threads that date back before that. Nor do we mods go back and edit/delete the posts in such old threads retroactively.

Links to other helpful information can be found throughout this thread, depending on the category.

Questions? - If you have any further questions about this group, please post them in the Reply box, below. Or send me a PM. (To learn how to PM - private/personal message - someone, see post 9, below.) If you have questions about another specific group, please PM the mod or mods that are, apparently, running that group.

   - Technical or Other Questions About the Community? Please feel free to ask what you want to know in the Member Questions forum at the top of the Community Index: http://community.grandparents.com/index.php?/forum/41-member-questions/

When you go there, just click on Ask a Question and key your concern into the box that appears. You can also contact GP.com by simply clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the Index Page and keying in your message.


ETA: I realize that in this forum, there seems to be some overlap between this thread and the welcome thread. But, for the most part, they are different.

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... Continuing... 2

THE CURRENT COMMUNITYRight now, you're in Club Newcomer (as I'm sure you know), in the Community area of GP.com. The Community consists of the Forums (Groups), Blogs, Gallery, a Live Chat room,* member profiles and a PM (personal message) system. At the very top of the page, you will see 3 options - Browse, Activity and Search. Browse is probably already clicked on and includes several choices listed below it - Forums, Chat,, Gallery, Blogs, Staff and Online Users. (If you can't see these options, click on Browse.) To get to the Forums, Blogs of Chat, just click on the appropriate option. The same is true for the Gallery but not if you're a Guest or New Member (less than 10 posts to your name). You can also access the forums by hitting Home on the line below that one. If you click on Staff, you will see a list of the moderators and administrators.  If you press Online Users, you will see the names of all members currently in the Community, as well as "Guests."

If you click on Activity, the following options will come up - All Activity, My Activity Streams, Unread Content, Content I Started and again, Search. Some of them have other choices listed underneath when clicked on. Most are self-explanatory. Unread Content shows you where there are posts you've yet to read. An Unread Content option is also always available to the right of the line below that. You can also see where you have yet to read content by the signs that appear next to each forum and thread (more about that later).

About the Links: As you read this thread (and some others), you'll come across links to information in other parts of the Community and this site. Links to Community threads since the recent (January 2016) upgrade often include a blurb that shows the title of the thread and a little of its content.  Community links posted before the upgrade do not. Neither, it seems, do links to Community Announcements, to the Member Questions section linked in the post above, or to other parts of GP.com.


The Forums and the Community Index When you click on Forums, you'll see the Community Index or list of Groups.


            At the Top of the IndexHere you'll see two sections set up by the administration to help make your experience here a good one:


               - "Welcome to the GP.com Community"  - contains information threads that give you advice about this Community and provide the guidelines for posting.


               - "FAQ" - Provides information about frequently asked questions


            The Forums - The Index contains the names of the forums, listed under 7 sections: Family Matters, Food, Grandparenting, Health and Wellness, Hobbies, Just for Fun, & Love & Relationships.. If you're  looking for a particular group or type of group and don't find it in the section where you thought it would be, please look through the rest of the list - it may be where you least expect it!

            To enter any specific group, just click it on. To enter any conversation thread, just click it on (more on this later). To see the rest of the threads here in Club Newcomer (CN), just click on the group title (above, left).

            Sidebars  - To the right of the Community page, on the top, you'll see a list of Recent Posts. Click anyone and you're there. Below that, you'll find "Recent Updated Threads," a list of the latest conversations threads. Click on any one of those and you're in that thread and the forum in which it was posted. Below that, you'll see the list of the most recent  "Blog Entries."

           Look Who's Here! Just below those sidebars, you'll see another one that shows what members are in the Community, at any given moment. To see a full list of members and guests who are in here, click on the Online Users Option at the top-left of the page..


*UPDATE: Chat is currently out of order and will be for a while, unfortunately. Will get back to you on this...





Continued below...

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.. Continuing... 3



                    Member ProfilesTo find/fill out your profile and related pages, click on your username above any of your posts or PMs (if you've sent any) or at the top-right of any Community page.

To find someone else' profile, just click on their username, above any of their posts or PMs (if you've received any from them).

For more info about Profiles, see Posts # 8 & 9 below.



                     Personal (Private) MessengerTo send a PM to someone else, the easiest way, IMO, is to click on their username and then Send Me a Message. To see if you've received a PM, the easiest way,  is to click on the envelope icon in the upper right corner of the page. If a PM conversation is new or has a new comment in it, then it will appear in blue.

For more info about the PM system, see Post # 9


... Continued below...

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... Continuing... 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


THE GP,COM HOME PAGE:  To get to the HP (Home Page), just just key the following into your browser: grandparents.com

or click on https://aga.grandparents.com/ 


Across the Top of the Home Page:

ETA: Premium Membership - Link to premium membership and an explanation of what it entails.

ETA: MOBILE APP - If you're a premium member, there is now a mobile app for your phone that brings you to these benefits.



GRANDPARENTING - links to all the various Newsletter sections (Grandkids, Family & Relationships, Food & Leisure, Health & Wellbeing, Money & Work)**, this Community (forums, blogs and gallery),  & Grand Giveaways.

You can also find a link to Grand Giveaways on the top and bottom right of every Newsletter page.


HEALTH & WELLBEING - another link to the Health & Wellbeing section of Newsletter ***

UPDATE: Click it on and you will find several more links, each to information about a different health issue.


 Medicare - a link to GP.com's Medicare Information Center


    UPDATE: Services - Click on the Services link to find:

       - Caregiving - a link to info about providing care for elderly family members, finding appropriate senior housing, etc. (includes a phone number). You will also find a link to Caregiving at the top-left of every Newsletter page



In the Middle of the Page:

Links w/ Pictures - more links to each Newsletter section, respectively***

ETA: More info about Newsletter in post #6 below.


UPDATE: Further Down the Page - Link to Premium Membership



At the Very Bottom - You'll find links to the TOS (Terms of Service), Privacy Policy, Contact information and info on Investor Relations.


However, the TOS and Privacy Policy do not cover all the guidelines that govern GP.com or this Community. If you're new here, please also be sure to check out the following when you can -


1. "I Just Joined.... What Now?' - Please Read" linked in the OP (original/opening post above) 


2. "New, Concise Version of the Posting and Moderating Guidelines": also linked in the OP /(or any of the Guidelines threads - there is one pinned to each forum) 


3. "What's Considered a Personal Attack":




* If you're interested in Premium Membership,  you need to do the following:


1. Click here: https://aga.grandparents.com/register-billing

2. Fill out form

3. Click on Join the AGA


1. Click here: https://aga.grandparents.com/

2. Log in, if you haven't already, and then press the arrow next to your username, to the right.

3. Click on Upgrade Membership

4. Complete steps 2 & 3 above.


1.Key grandparents.com into the top of your browser

2. Complete steps 2-4 above


Meanwhile, you can also see the list of benefits by going here: http://www.grandpare...ership-benefits

**  Another way to find the Grand Giveaways/Grand Deals is to click on http://www.grandpare...om/grand-deals/ 

UPDATE: Currently, the links above^^^^^ do not appear to be working.

*** If you're new to this site, please be advised that almost every section of GP.com and each section of the GP.com Newsletter has a sidebar on the right, w/ links to articles/columns/info on various specific topics w/in that category.

BUT this ^^^^^ is no longer true of this Community.



Other GP.Com Offerings/Links:



           The GrandCorps This  feature was established by GP.com to help GPs/Seniors/Boomers hook up with volunteer activities that match their interests and are in their  vicinity. They include opportunities to volunteer in health, education, etc. Many unfortunately estranged GPs say that such involvement helps fill the void in their lives left by their separation from their adult sons and/or daughters and their GC. But, of course, many GPs/Seniors/Boomers are interested in giving of their time and effort in this way, anyhow. http://www.grandparents.com/grand-corps/

You'll also find a link to the GrandCorps at the very bottom left of every Newsletter page.

         Grand InspirationsHere's a special treat for those who enjoy reading about celebs!  It encompasses videos of various celebrities, talking about their GPs and how those GP inspired the celebs' career/art.


           Quizzes - On the lower right hand side of any page of articles,  you'll find the links to a variety of fun and interesting quizzes.


          GP.com Horoscope - Into the Zodiac? Well, at the bottom of the righthand side of any article page is a horoscope designed especially for GPs. Check it out! http://www.grandparents.com/food-and-leisure/quizzes-and-puzzles/grand-astrology-zodiac-signs-family


 If you have any difficulty w/ a link, either on the HP or elsewhere, please contact help@grandparents.com.



         Deepak Chopra and Larry King - If you're interested in Deepak  teachings, click here: http://www.grandparents.com/health-and-wellbeing/deepak-chopra  if you're a Larry King fan, you might want to check out these articles: http://www.grandparents.com/food-and-leisure/larry-king



THE AMERICAN GRANDPARENTS ASSOCIATIONGP.com has created this association as a resource for GPs who are "physically removed from their" GC (grandchildren) and/or concerned about their welfare. As such, it has provided a number of articles about both Grandparent Visitation and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (custody and adoption issues, etc.). To find these articles, click on Family & Relationships, above, and then Grandparents' Rights on the sidebar. Or just click on http://www.grandparents.com/family-and-relationships/grandparents-rights   Some of the articles, such as The Grandparents' Guide to Legal Resources  (currently on Page 2 of the list) provide links to other possibly helpful articles and organizations that might meet your needs, as well. And some of them contain info related to both visitation and  custody concerns ( The Grandparents' Guide to Legal Resources comes to mind, again), so please read through a piece b4 concluding an article doesn't pertain to your interests. (Some info may be outdated.) Please remember that laws on these issues vary by state  and that nothing is a substitute  for talking to an attorney in your own state.  But, hopefully, these articles can help give you the info and direction that you need.

ETA: New Hampshire has just passed a new law, giving GPs custody preference when parents are guilty of substance abuse:


This ^^^^ is not reflected in the GP.com articles mentioned here.

ETA: The info in the article Grandparents Rights: State by State seems to be kept very updated, especially where GVR (grandparent visitation rights) laws are concerned.


... Continued...

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... Continuing... 5




          Articles -  GP.com publishes articles in several categories -  Grandkids, Family & Relationships, Food & Leisure, Health & Wellbeing, Money & Work. To find these, go to the HP, as described in post 4, above. Click on whichever category you interests you and then whichever article, etc. If you get the Newsletter in your email, you can also click on articles there. You will also find these categories listed across the top of every Newsletter page (except those in Health & Wellbeing).


                           - Sidebars -  In each case, you'll also find a sidebar of relevant topics. Click any one of them on and you'll find a list of articles that pertain, specifically to that topic. For example, you'll find Coloring Pages to print out for your grands on the sidebar under Grandkids and Larry King articles under Food & Leisure. Sometimes you'll see something where you least expect it. So, once again, don't give up if you don't spot what you're looking for where you thought it would be.

                            ETA: Often a new fun and interesting quiz is posted beneath the list of topics ("older" quizzes linked further down the page.)


More Info About Newsletter     

     Look Up - Across the very top of every Newsletter page (except in Health & Wellbeing,) you'll find links to 4 of the GP.com offerings mentioned earlier. Currently, this list includes links to the sections on Caregiving, (this) Community, Grand Giveaways and Cancer Care.

     Look Down - Across the very bottom of every Newsletter page (except in Health & Wellbeing), you'll find more specific lists of the topics covered in each Newletter section ("Dating & Marriage" under Family Relationships, "Cooking with Kids" under Food & Leisure, etc.) Below that you'll find more links to GP.com offerings -  GrandCorps, Community, GrandGiveaways and Games.* And below that a list of GP.com info and resources (the TOS, Editorial Policies, etc. ).

* ETA Update: The Games link no longer leads you (general) to online games. Instead, it now brings you to a list of articles in the "Grandkids" section about games you can enjoy w/ your grandchildren, toys they might like, etc..


 Problem - If you signed up to receive the Newsletter in your email, don't seem to be getting it and have a gmail account, it may be showing up in the "Promotions" section or even under... sigh... "Spam." If not, please let me know, either here or via PM (see Post # 9 to learn how to send a PM)

To Return to the Community -  Just go to the very top-middle or bottom-middle of any Newsletter page and click on Community.


To Sign/Log Out go to...

1. your username on the upper-right of this page, click it on and then hit Sign Out.

2. the top-right of any Newsletter page, etc. and click on Logout

3. the Home Page and log out where shown



OTHER INFO ABOUT GP.COM:  At the bottom of every page of the Newsletter, you'll see a box with a series of features about GP.com, including, among other things, Contact Us, TOS (terms of service) and Community Guidelines.


          Beyond that, to learn more about GP.com, how it works and its rules and guidelines, please check out the Welcome and FAQ sections at the top of the Index, as well as the FAQs , below (or "How It All Works" in Grandparents Caring for Grandkids or the Welcome thread in Mothers-in-Law Anonymous). To see what's permitted and what's not, click on "The Current Posting and Moderating Guidelines," mentioned in the opening post, here. Also,  the thread called "What's considered a personal attack" in the GP.com FAQ section and in the debate forum (The Great Debate).


         To learn more about specific forums -  Please read  "Group Finder" http://community.grandparents.com/index.php/topic/9921-group-finder/


GP.com on Social Media - GP.com is also on Facebook and Twitter (perhaps you came to this site through one of those):


* UPDATE: Conversation threads from this Community are now sometimes featured on the GP.com FB page.


Their pages on those media provide links to many interesting & helpful articles, including some in the GP.com Newsletter. GP.com also has several interesting items on Pinterest.



 ... Continued...

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... Continuing... 6



(This section overlaps but is not exactly the same as the GP.com FAQ segment found at the top of the Index page).


Forums -

Q: HOW MANY MEMBER FORUMS ARE THERE? A: There are 7 overall forums: Family Matters, Food, Grandparenting,  Health & Wellness, Hobbies, Just for Fun and Love & Relationships Each of these has one or more subforums listed under it. There are 17 subforums, altogether. These subforums are often referred to as "forums," as well, which I do through most of this thread.. You can also go to the Members' Questions forum at the top of the Index to ask a question about the Community, as mentioned in the opening post here. There are also 4 photo groups in the Gallery (more about the Gallery later in the thread)..

Q: HOW DO I FIND THEM? A:The discussion groups are all listed on the Community Index page. To find the Gallery, just click it on above, left (but, as said elsewhere, you will not be able to access Gallery if you are a Guest or New Member).

Q: WHO AND WHAT IS THIS GROUP FOR? A: Club Newcomer (CN) is, largely, for new members to introduce themselves, learn about the site and this Community and find out about more the other forums here. But it's also for "older" members to help welcome the new ones and, perhaps, help direct them to the groups that they would most enjoy. And to check for any updates about the site. Also,  it's also a place where moderators can come in and tell us all more about the group(s) they lead in the thread called,  "Group Finder."

Q: CAN I CREATE A FORUM HERE? - A: No. But you can suggest one to GP.com and if they agree, they will set it up. But chances are, they will designate the Administration to be the "Lead Moderator" or just have all the current moderators handle it as a group (See below).

Q: ARE SPECIFIC MODERATORS ASSOCIATED WITH SPECIFIC GROUPS? A: Yes and No. :) Currently, all designated mods (those with the status of "Moderator printed over their avatar) have identical powers in all groups. BUT almost every forum has a "Lead Mod"/Lead Mods" who are mainly responsible for that group. We have a sort of informal agreement among ourselves to respect the sovereignty/authority of each such mod over the forum(s) they lead.

Some forums are currently led by the Administration ("Admin"). Others have no specific LM and are handled by all the mods, as a group.


A: Mods (in alphabetical order, w/ names of new mods temporarily bolded ):  homeygfunk, lilypond2, Mame925, PhalenMum. rosered135. SueSTx.


LIST of Forums and their Lead Mods (in alphabetical order, by forum - both forums and LMs subject to change; The names of new groups or new mods will be temporarily, bolded):



50 Shades of Blue (Shades) - Admin

All Single golden girls and guys wanted  (Single GPs) - Homeygfunk

Book Club (BC)

Club Newcomer (CN)- Me (Rosered135)
Empty Nest No Longer (ENNL) - Admin
General Gabbery  (the Gabbery) - SueSTx

Grandma's Pantry (the Pantry) - SueSTx
Grandparenting From Afar (GFA)
Grandparents Caring for Grandkids (GCfG) - Me (RR135)

Getting Healthy (GH)

Grandparents Unplugged (GU)  - Mame925

Grandparents without Grandchildren (GWG) -  Admin

Hobby Corner (HC)

Mothers-in-Law Anonymous (MILA or MIL Anon) - Lilypond2, SueSTx, PhalenMum and Me (RR135)

New Grandparents (New GPs) - Admin

News & Issues (N & I)
The Great Debate (TGD) - Moderated by all designated mods, together, along with admin, LaToya

Signing Up and Signing In

Q: HOW DO I JOIN A GROUP? - A: Any GP.com member can post in any group in this Community Section. In order to post, however, you must be both a member and signed/logged in.

ETA: If you're having trouble logging in, please see the following GP.com thread: http://community.grandparents.com/index.php?/announcement/6-what-to-do-if-you-get-a-wrong-password-message/

Though non-members may read in these groups, they cannot post here. Same with members who aren't signed in. Please understand that this is for our own security.

Options/Permissions - In fact, if you're a Member/New Member and you want to see what options you have here, please click on one of the following GP.com threads and its "permissions" chart (includes a comparison of the options available to New Members and more long term Members, as well as Guests, Moderators and Administrators) :




Q: HOW DO i SIGN UP? A: Go to the top right of the page, click on Sign Up and go from there. Or return to the HP, click on the Join/Sign Up button on the right and go from there

Q: HOW DO I LOG IN? - A: Either do that on the Home Page, by clicking on the Login Button and going from there - or here in the Community Section, by clicking on the Sign In Button (above-right).

UPDATE: As of the 2016 upgrade, if you sign into the community, you may still have to sign in on the HP to post anywhere else on the site and vice versa.


Q: WHAT'S INCLUDED UNDER MY USERNAME AT THE TOP-RIGHT OF THE PAGE? A: If you click it on, you'll find a number of options available to you. Most of them are self-explanatory or easy to comprehend once you click them on. (Those w/ gray background not currently available.) 

  - Account Settings - This option leads you to a number of others. It's where you can fill out/change your username (display name), email address and password. It also has a "Signature" option, where you can key in "your" signature or change it. A "signature" is a comment or saying that you key in and appears on the bottom of each or your posts, PMs, etc. (like mine that you see at the bottom of this post).  It's also the place to check your Notification settings (See more about this in Post #9 below.)  And it provides another icon for editing your profile.

 - Ignored Users - This option shows you if there are any posters whose content you're blocking and provided a place for you to choose Members for that option (more about this later in this post).

Q: WHAT'S THAT LITTLE BOX THAT APPEARS WHEN i HOLD MY ARROW OVER A USERNAME? A: That's a kind of mini-profile.,  showing you some of the same items you would see on a Member's actual profile page (more about that later).. Most notably, it lets you see what any given Member is doing here, at any time, message the Member (just click on Messages) and find some of their more recent posts (click on Find Content). But more about messaging and finding content later...

Q: HOW DO I CHANGE MY USERNAME? A: See the following post in the MIL Anonymous forum (just click it on):


IP Addresses


Q: CAN GP.COM AND/OR THE MODERATORS CHECK IP ADDRESSS ON THIS NEW SITE? A: Yes, both administrators and mods can do this - and very easily.

Q; WHAT'S THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THAT? A: If, say, 2 posters share the identical IP address it usually means they are the same person.

Q: CAN I USE MORE THAN ONE ID ON GP.COM? A: No. See  stickypost, "New, Concise Version of the Posting and Moderating Guidelines," Rule # 1. (See link in the opening post.)


Reading and Posting

Q: How do I get started? A: To answer that question, please see the GP.com thread, " 'I Just Joined...What Now?' - Read This" which is linked in the opening post.

Q: WHAT DO THOSE SYMBOLS/ICONS MEAN NEXT TO THE FORUM TITLES? A  if you hold your cursor over any symbol/icon, a message will appear, telling you what it means. But here's a general run-down of the ones that appear next to the forums:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 f_icon.png This symbol indicates that there are posts which you have not read contained inside this forum.
f_icon_read.png This one indicates that all of the posts contained in this forum have been read.

Q: WHAT DO THE SYMBOLS/ICONS MEAN NEXT TO THE THREAD TITLES? -  A:  Again, if you hold your cursor over any symbol/icon, a message will appear, telling you what it means. But here's a general run-down of the ones that appear next to thread topics:

t_unread.pngThis symbol indicates that the thread contains some unread posts.
t_read_dot.png This one indicates that you have previously replied to the thread and that it has no new replies since you last read it.
t_unread_dot.png This indicates that you have previously replied in this topic, and there are new replies since you last read or replied to the topic.

t_moved.png  Indicates a topic that has been moved into another forum.
t_locked.png  Indicates that a topic has been locked (you cannot reply to it)

ETA: By clicking on the dot or star next to a thread title, you can go straight to the "last unread post" in that thread.


ETA:  "Unread Content" -You can also check out any posts/threads you haven't read by clicking on Unread Content (above, right).  Same for any Gallery photos or Blog entries/comments you haven't seen. However, clicking on a thread here, will bring you to its beginning.

  - That Note at the End of a Discussion Thread - When you get to the end of a thread of a particular forum - say Club Newcomer, for example - a note will appear in the lower right corner if there are posts in other threads there that you have yet to read.  Click it on and it will take you to the next such thread.  If there are no other unread posts in, say again, Club Newcomer, no such sign will appear.  This is true in all the forums. A great way, IMO, to help you get caught up w/ unread content in a specific forum if you would like.

Q: CAN I PREVIEW A THREAD A LITTLE BEFORE I CLICK IT ON? A: Yes. If you would like get more of an idea of what a thread is about before you click it on  just hold your arrow over the title of that thread and 1 or 2 paragraphs will pop up (This is not the case in the Administration forums, however.)

Q: HOW CAN I TURN PAGES? - A: At the top-left of every page of Discussion Threads, you'll see Page Numbers. To turn to the 2nd, 3rd or whatever page of the conversations, just click on the appropriate number. At the top - and bottom-left of every conversation will find the page numbers for that convo. Just click on the next number to turn the page, etc.



Q: HOW DO I POST A REPLY TO A DISCUSSION THREAD? -  A: To reply to this or any other thread, just key in your comments in the Reply Box, below and then hit the button that says Submit Reply.

ETA: If you forget to hit Submit Reply (oops!) before going on to another thread, etc., no worries. You can now go back to the first thread, hit the Reply Box, and your unposted comment will pop up. In fact, you can finish it if you didn't before, etc. (This will work even if you go to another site, for a while, in the same window - but not if you actually sign out of GP.com. Also, it doesn't work for edits. )

Q: WHERE WILL I FIND MY REPLY? - A: Your reply will come out at the end of the conversation.

Q: CAN I CUSTOMIZE MY REPLY? - A: Yes! Once you begin to key in your comments, a group of options will appear at the top of the box. You'll see, for example, the following Buttons: Font, Size (this is size 14), Color (the A), Smiley, options for typing in boldface  - see B - italics (I), underlining (U), etc. You can choose to customize any, all or, of course, none of these in your response.


Q: HOW DO THOSE OPTIONS WORK? - A: Just click on the desired option b4 you type. Or after typing, highlight the words by dragging your cursor across them, click on the desired option and then click the highlighted words. (To remove bolding, etc. do the same). Where size and color are concerned, you'll have to make a choice (size 14, for example, or the color red) b4 clicking the highlighted words.


Color - There are now 2 color options - A  by which you can change the color of your type, like so, and A, by which you can alter the background of your type, like so.

Emotions - When you click on the Smiley,  a whole array of emotions will appear in a little box, right under the icon.  :db: :clapping: :diablo::rofl:  - just click on whichever one(s) you want to use. To see more than initially appear, click on Categories and then Emotions. :angel::girl_devil: To see what any particular emoji stands for, hold your arrow over it, either in the box or on the post.    :drinks:     :give_rose:

To Cut, Copy & Paste  - You can now cut, copy and/or paste content from one of your posts to another, by using options right on them (see the scissors icon, etc that appear as you're posting) and depending on your own browser's security settings.

Also, depending on your security settings, you can use the paste option to post quotes from another member. But please remember that it's a violation to copy & paste another member's content from one section of the site to another (i.e. from Blogs to Forums or from Forums to the Newsletter, etc - see Guideline 5g).

Q: WHY IS THERE AN EYE AT THE END OF MY POSTING OPTIONS? A: That's to prevent possible book/movie/show "spoilers" In fact, if you click it on, a box will appear w/in your reply box marked "Spoiler." If you key a comment in the spoiler box, it will be hidden once you post. However, the words "Reveal Hidden Content" will appear. Posters who wish to read the comment/aren't concerned about spoiling a book/movie/show for themselves, can click it on to read.

Q:CAN THE EYE OPTION ALSO BE USED FOR SENSITIVE CONTENT/POSSIBLE "TRIGGERS?" A: Yes. That would let each member decide for themselves if they want to take a chance on reading the hidden content.

 Or... you can indicate especially sensitive material by placing the words "trigger(s)" or "possible trigger(s)" on your post or in the title of your thread. But this alert, while appreciated, is not required to post here. (Wording based on comments by Lilypond. Thank you, Lily!)

In some instances, a mod may add a "trigger notice" to a post or thread containing such issues.

Q: CAN I QUOTE OTHER POSTS IN MY REPLY? - A: Yes. On the lower-left of every post, you'll see Quote and Multiquote Buttons.The Multiquote Button is in the form of a plus sign. If you're responding, specifically, to what someone else posted and want to quote their post in your reply, just click on the appropriate Quote Button and go from there.

More Info on Using the Multiquote Button:

If you wish to quote more than 1 post at the same time, do the following:

1. click on the Multiquote button (+) on each post that you wish to quote

2. when you're done selecting posts, click on the button on the right that says the # of posts you wish to quote ("Quote 2 posts"/"Quote 3 posts"/etc). All the selected quotes will come out in one post (you'll see).

Q: CAN I COMMENT DIRECTLY ON A QUOTED POST IN A DIFFERENT COLOR?: A. Yes. To see how to choose your color scroll up to Customizing Your Post - Options - Color.

Q:  CAN I TAG ANOTHER MEMBER? A: Yes. -by placing @ in front of their name. Once you do this, a dropdown will list several usernames and you can click on the name of the poster you are addressing. Then the name will appear in a blue bubble and if the other member is signed up for such notifications, they will receive a notice under their Notifications icon, the one in the shape of a bell at the top-right of the page.

ETA: Please note that you need to post the member's whole username for this to work.

Q: WHAT IF I CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE DROPDOWN AND/OR ADDRESS THE MEMBER BY A NICKNAME (i.e. Rose) OR THEIR USERNAME INITIALS (i.e. RR)? A: That's fine. The dropdown will disappear. But please understand, in that case, the other poster won't receive notice that you addressed them.

Q: CAN I EDIT MY POST? - A: - Yes. After you post, an Edit Button should appear on the lower-left of your post, right next to the Quote Buttons. If you'd like to add something, erase, correct spelling or punctuation, etc - just press that button and edit your post. Then click on Save (it will appear underneath) and your post will reappear with the changes you made. I intend to use this option to update any info in this thread.

Q: IS THERE A TIME LIMIT ON EDITING MY POST? A: Yes, there is now a time limit on editing for both New Members (w/ under 10 replies) and regular Members. To see what editing limit applies to you, see the chart in  the GP.com thread, "I'm a Member..." or "I'm a New Member..." (see links above).

Q WHAT IS THE "LIKE" BUTTON ON THE POSTS FOR? A: To show that you really appreciate/agree with a post. If you're not familiar with this practice, it's kind of like saying, "I like this!" and "Ditto!' at the same time. :) If you want to do this, click on the Like Button on the middle-right of the post. The poster will get a notice that you enjoyed their post. And others will see that fact, too.

Q: IS THERE A LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF LIKES I CAN GIVE IN ONE DAY? A: As the permissions chart shows (see link to "I'm a Member..."  or "I'm a New Member..." in the post above), the number of likes you can give is now unlimited, except if you're a New Member (w/ under 10 replies) and then, you are limited to 50 likes a day (not that this is so great a limit :))

Q: CAN I UPLOAD AN AVATAR OR OTHER PHOTOS ONTO MY POSTS OR A SPECIFIC POST? - A: If you upload your avatar onto your Profile Page (see below), it will appear on all your posts. You can upload other pictures there, as well.  But to get one directly onto a specific post, click on the "Insert other media" option below your post on the right and go from there. Apparently, one can also cut and past some pics onto one's posts. Once you're a regular Member (having amassed10 posts or more - see post below), you can also upload snapshots and even create albums in the 4 specific photo groups in the Gallery, above, left.

ETA: Depending on your browser security settings, you may also be able to paste a photo to your post using the paste icon on the post itself.

Q: IF A MEMBERS POSTS TEND TO OFFEND/UPSET ME, CAN i PUT THEIR POSTS ON IGNORE? A:  Yes. Generally speaking, I trust most posters will speak to each other with respect. But if you tend to find a specific member's posts offensive or upsetting, in any way, you can officially ignore their posts/make their posts "invisible" to you by doing the following (Same is true for PMs - personal/private messages and member Signatures)::

1. Click on your username at the top-right of the page.

2. Click on Ignore Users

3. Key in the name of the user whose posts you wish to ignore.

4. A list of usernames will appear - click on the correct one. (If you choose the wrong one by error, you can remove it, by hitting the x that shows up next to the name. Then key in the correct name.)

5. A list of options will appear. Check off whatever applies.

6. Then click on Add User.

 UPDATE: An easier way to put a member on Ignore:

!. Hold your arrow over the member's name

2. Click on Ignore User

3. A list of options will appear. Check off whatever applies.

4. Then click on Update Preferences.


Q: CAN I REPORT A POST? A; Yes. See the fuller answer to this question in Post #10 below.



.... Continued....

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.... Continuing.... 7



Q: HOW DO I READ A THREAD? - A: 1. To read a thread from the beginning, just click on the title. 2. To go straight to the latest reply, find it to the right of the title (in any given page of discussion threads) and click it on. Or click on the latest reply listed on the sidebar. 3. To go to the first reply in a thread that you've yet to read/first unread reply in a thread, click on the dot or star (see above) to the left of the title. Also, at the end of a thread, you may find a link to the next thread in the same forum that includes content you haven't read. Click it on and that, too, will bring you to your first unread post in that conversation.

Q: CAN I PREVIEW A THREAD BEFORE I READ IT? A:  Yes. just hold your arrow over the title of that thread and 1 or 2 paragraphs will pop up. This only works, however, on the actual discussion thread pages (pages that show the list of conversations in a given forum).

Q: HOW DO I REPLY TO A THREAD? A: See post 6 above.

Q: HOW DO i START A THREAD? - A: At the top-right of any discussion page in any group is a button that says "Start a Topic." Just click it on and go from there.


Q: I JUST JOINED BUT CAN'T SEEM TO START A THREAD! WHY? A: As of 12/14, new members are now required to  become regular Members/"amass 10 replies" before they can start a thread of their own. See "Why Can't I Start a New Topic?':



In other words, if you join/joined GP.com in December 2014 or after, you will be physically unable to open your own conversation, until you've posted 10 replies in other people's. This is to help you get a feel for this Community and its various groups before you begin your own discussion.  See "Newbie Advice" in " ' I Just Joined - What Now?' - Read This" (See link in post above).*

ETA: You also have to become a regular member/amass 10 replies in order to use the Gallery  or to start a blog, as you can see in the permissions chart linked in post 6 above.


Q: What are some of the best/easiest ways to amass those 10 replies? A: See this pinned thread in this forum:




Q: Can I begin by posting "anonymously" - in other words w/o using my chosen screen name? A: Yes, in the following forums/subforums pnly, there is an INCOGNITO feature:

1. All groups listed under Family Matters

2. All groups listed under Grandparenting

3. 50 Shades of Blue

4. The Great Debate

This feature can be especially useful for those who are posting about their situation for the first time and want to get a feel for how such a discussion would go. To see how it currently works, go here: http://community.grandparents.com/index.php?/announcement/7-anonymous-posting-is-back/

To read when it is and isn't appropriate to use it, see "Safeguard Your Account" in " 'I Just Joined - What Now?' - Read This" (see link in post above).

* Q: DO INCOGNITO POSTS COUNT TOWARDS THE 10 REPLIES I NEED TO BE ABLE TO OPEN MY OWN THREAD, ETC? A: NO. Only posts made under your own username count towards that.


 Q: WHERE WILL MY THREAD COME OUT? - A: At the top of the 1st page of threads in that group. But as new threads are posted, yours will move down the pag

Q: CAN I PUSH IT BACK UP? - A: Yes. This is known as bumping a thread.

Q: CAN I BUMP OTHER THREADS? - A: Yes. But we prefer that you not bump very old threads (say over 3 months old) to the front, unless you are the OP (original poster). or the thread is a "stickypost"/pinned to the front of a forum w/ a thumbtack icon. Offenders may find that a mod locks the thread, moves it further back and/or sends them a cautionary PM.

   ETA: Since we have less than a month to continue to enjoy this community, the bumping rule has been slightly relaxed. Please feel free to post in threads up to 6 months old or less. Do not, however, bump up a thread over 6 months old, unless it meets one of the above exceptions. Inappropriately bumped threads will, most often, be locked.

Please use your judgment though. Not much point in giving advice to a member who hasn't been here in 3 months or more. So we still may suggest posting in more recent threads if that happens. But, generally, we won't lock it if it's less than 6 months old. 


Q: HOW CAN I FIND THE MOST RECENT THREADS/POSTS? A: 1. On your Community Index Board/Page (the list of groups/forums), to the right of every group, you'll see the latest reply in that forum, as well as who made it and to what thread. Click on the title of the thread and you've entered that thread. Click on the reply and you'll go straight to that last post. Also, threads in each forum, itself, are generally listed in order of the latest reply (stickies may be older, of course).

 2. On that same page, to the right, you'll see a list of "New Threads. " Click one on and you'll be in that thread and in that forum. Below that, under "Recent Posts,"  you'll find the latest replies posted . Again, just click one on and you'll be in that thread and that group.

Q: CAN I CHOOSE THE ORDER IN WHICH I WISH TO READ THREADS W/IN A FORUM? - A: Yes. UPDATE: To see the latest threads/posts, or whatever, in a group, go to the top-right of the 1st page of the Discussion Threads,click on "Sort by," select the desired option and go from there.

Q: WHAT IS "HIJACKING" A THREAD? - A: Deliberately turning the focus of a thread from the original poster's concerns to your own. This is frowned upon. It's 'normal" and ok, IMO, to empathize with an OP by saying, in effect, "That happened to me too!" and briefly telling how. And it can be interesting to watch a thread evolve from the OP's story to more general issues and principles. But if you (general) purposely try to take the attention away from the OP's situation, that's not ok. Please avoid. Much better to start your own thread. If others begin to turn the conversation to your issues, that's not your fault, of course. But please consider opening your own discussion, in that case, anyhow.

ETA: Like the bumping rule, the "hijacking rule" is also being somewhat relaxed, due to the coming move. However, in this case, we mods are more concerned w/ recent threads than w/ old ones. Granted, it's nicer not to hijack, period. Definitely do not hijack a thread if the OP is still here or was here recently. If you (general) do, most likely, we will direct you to another, more general thread or recommend that you start a new one (if you're a full-fledged member) or create one ourselves (if you're a newcomer). BUT if the OP hasn't been here for 3 months or more, we, most likely, will let the hijacking go. (Of course, it's nicer not to hijack at all.)

Q: WHAT IS A "STICKYPOST?" - A: Sometimes a mod will "stick"/"glue"/"pin" a thread to the front of the Discussions, as I've done with this one. This is often called a "stickypost." Such posts will stay in place, until and unless the mod decides to "unstick"/"unglue"/"unpin" them. Frequently, mods will pin a "Welcome" thread to the front, a thread giving important info or announcements about the group or the site, or one that they think is thought-provoking or has valuable info for members. Usually, it's a thread started by the mod. But sometimes, a mod will stick another member's post to the front, if they think it's for the benefit of the group, as a whole. If you see a "pin" by the title of a thread, that means that thread has been "glued" to the front.

Q: WHAT IS A GLOBAL STICKYPOST? A: A sticky that's pinned to all/almost all groups. It may be modified, of course, to better fit each respective forum. The current Guidelines thread pinned to each forum is a global sticky, even though the title differs by group. An announcement pos
ted on top of every forum can also be seen as a sticky..


Q: HOW SPIRITED OR  HEATED ARE MOST THREADS LIKELY TO GET? A:  Some topics tend to generate more spirited discussion than others and some forums (not necessarily the ones you might think) tend to have more spirited discussions than others. But most of the time, I trust, members will speak to each other with respect and usually, they do. And, of course, the guidelines mentioned earlier need to be followed.


Q: WHAT MEASURES ARE LIKELY TO BE TAKEN, IF ANY, IF A THREAD GETS "OVERLY HEATED" OR CONTENTIOUS? A: There are various measures that may be taken, in that case. But some of them are also employed for other reasons. So please don't make the mistake of assuming that they're always put into practice b/c of heated conversation... Read on...

Q: WHY DO SOME THREADS HAVE A "LOCK" NEXT TO THEIR TITLE? - A: Sometimes a mod will lock a thread, for one reason or another. That means that the thread is closed and no more posts can be made to it. This may be temporary or permanent. A thread may be locked simply b/c a mod prefers that no further comments are made if, say, it's a very old post with outdated info, etc. Other times, it might be b/c it seems to be getting overly contentious  or it's being reviewed, due to suspected troll activity or some other reason (None of this, I'm happy to say, has even happened in here.) If you see a lock symbol next to the title of a thread that means you can no longer post in it. If you, somehow, miss seeing the lock and open the thread, only to find there's no Reply box, that usually means the same.
Also, often, the mod or admin who locked the threads, will post a comment saying it's locked "for review," etc. Often, also, they will send a PM to the OP (original poster), letting them know the thread was locked. ( Please understand that such notices are not required, however.)


Q: IF I'M THE OP OF A THREAD, CAN I HAVE IT LOCKED UPON REQUEST? A: Most mods and admins, including me, reserve the right to make that decision. You (general) can request that your thread be locked, of course. But the mod or admin that you asked may or may not comply, depending on whether or not they agree that the thread needs to be locked. With all due respect to and consideration for the OP, a mod often needs to consider the investment of other posters in the thread, also, as well as the effect the locking of the thread may have on the group involved


Q: WHY DO SOME THREADS DISAPPEAR? A:  If a thread seems to disappear, entirely, it, most likely, has been "hidden" or deleted.


 Q: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HIDDEN AND A DELETED THREAD? A: A hidden thread is removed from the view of regular members but mods and admins can still access it to review and discuss. A deleted thread is removed from the site, period (though, of course, like other content, it may still be "out there, somewhere," on the Internet). Also, a hidden thread stands a chance of being restored, w/ or w/o editing. A deleted thread, generally, does not.


Q: WHY ARE SOME THREADS HIDDEN? A: A thread may be hidden if there is a serious problem in it that the mods and admins need to discuss. etc. The purpose of this is not to leave ugly exchanges on the board if time is needed to decide how to handle them. Once a decision is made, the thread may or may not be restored. If its' restored, it may reappear in its entirety or with some edits/deletions. If a thread is hidden, a note will, most likely, be placed in the relevant group in the form of a locked thread. A note will also, most likely, be made if GP.com admins decide that the thread will not be restored. The OP may receive a PM, as well, saying that it was hidden, etc. 


Q: IF I'M THE OP OF A THREAD, CAN I HAVE IT HIDDEN, UPON REQUEST? A: Again, most mods and admins, including me, reserve the right to make that decision. You (general) can make that request, of course, but the mod or admin that you ask may or may not comply, depending on whether or not they agree that the thread needs to be hidden.In some instances, GP.com weighs in on the decision.


Q: WHY ARE SOME THREADS "TOTALLY" DELETED? A: This is most likely to happen if it's filled with violations or opened for unacceptable purposes,, such as unauthorized solicitations (see "The Current Posting and Moderating Guidelines" for more info on these offenses.) . Again, fortunately, this has never occurred in this group.  As you can see in the OP (opening post) of the Guidelines sticky (Guideline #4) GP.com does not allow us mods to delete a thread, "automatically," unless the initial post  is spam/an unauthorized ad. If a thread is deleted, a note will, most likely, be placed in the relevant group in the form of a locked thread. Also,  most often, the OP will receive a PM, letting them know. Fortunately, again, nothing like that has occurred in here.


Q: AGAIN, IF I'M THE OP OF A THREAD, CAN I HAVE IT DELETED UPON REQUEST? A: As stated, above, we mods cannot delete an entire thread, w/o permission from an administrator (unless it involves spam/unauthorized solicitations). Again, of course, I suppose, you can make the request, but, in this case, the mod is required to seek permission of an admin b4 taking any action.


 Q: WHY DO SOME POSTS/REPLIES W/IN A THREAD SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR? A: This can happen for any one of the following 5 reasons: 1. Plain unpredictability of the Internet (sometimes it "swallows" posts; I'm not sure why); 2. technical problems on the site (if this happens to you more than once, please inform a mod or admin or ask about it in the Member Questions forum linked in the OP); 3. it was deleted b/c of infractions, as outlined in stickypost, "The Current Posting and Modertaing Guidelines" (usually; the poster will receive a PM explaining); 4. it has been "hidden" (temporarily removed from view of regular members) b/c of possible violations that need to be reviewed (usually, the poster will receive a PM explaining); 5. it has been deleted or hidden b/c it quotes/refers back to another deleted or hidden post or is otherwise part of a seriously heated exchange that is under review (again, usually, the poster will receive a PM or the fact that some additional posts were deleted/hidden will be noted in the thread). 6. GP.com has also determined that a mod may hide a post that tends to stir up too much unnecessary drama on the board or behind the scenes.


 Hidden posts may or may not be restored once decisions are made. 


Q: IS A THREAD EVER MOVED FROM ONE FORUM TO ANOTHER? AND IF SO, WHY?  A: Yes, occasionally, by a mod or admin, if they think it "belongs" in a different group than the one in which it was posted. Most of the mods are ok with an off-topic thread, now and then. But if it seems too far out of the realm of their group or is a "better fit" for another group, they might move it. Usually, the OP of the thread will be notified, by PM, if their thread has been moved. A comment may be made in the thread, letting posters know it is being moved and to where. Or a link may be left in the first group that connects posters to the thread in its new location. Often, the OP will receive a PM, letting them know that their thread was moved.


Q: ARE 2 SIMILAR THREADS EVER MERGED? A: Rarely, but yes. "Group Finder," for example, is the result of a merge.


Q: CAN I REPORT A  THREAD? A; Yes. See the fuller answer to this question in Post #10 below.



... Continued below...

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.... Continuing... 8



Q: HOW DO I FIND MY/SOMEONE ELSE' PROFILE PAGE? - A: To find your/someone else' Profile Page, click on your/their username. You can also find your Page by scrolling to the top-right of any page in the Community area, clicking on your username and then Profile.

Q: WHAT INFORMATION WILL/SHOULD I SEE ON A BASIC PROFILE PAGE-Under username -  member status, content count (# of member's posts), date of membership, date/time member was last in this community.  Below, left - Member's # of liked posts in a green box, w/ a rating, such as "Neutral" or "Excellent." Then any information member chose to give (see below).  Also, in the middle of the page, you will see the member's recent posts, if any.

UPDATE: On the left of a profile page, you can now see a list of any members who follow that member's posts (get notices when that member posts new content).

If it's your own profile, you will also see the question, "What's on Your Mind?" on the page.* On another member's page, you'll see a place to send them a message, instead.

Q: HOW DO I FILL OUT MY PROFILE PAGE? - A: UPDATE - Go to your Profile Page and click on the words "Edit Profile" at the top-right. Then fill out/edit as much - or as little - of the info as you choose. Much of this information will then appear on the left side of your Profile Page. But if you fill out the "About Me" section, an option to read it will appear on the right side of your Profile. You and others will have/be able to click it on to see it.

*Q: CAN I ADD PERSONAL STATEMENTS TO MY PROFILE? - A: UPDATE - Yes. You can fill out a Status Statement where you see the question, "What's On Your Mind?" For those of you who were members before the upgrade, please know that you can no longer fill it out under your username and it will no longer remain on your immediate Profile Page. In order to go back and see it, later on, you need to click on See Activity and then Status Updates (on the left).   Also, you can go back to your Status Updates and add a new Status whenever. To see another member's Status, if any, click on See Activity on their page and then Status Updates.

UPDATE: Q: CAN i POST A MESSAGE TO ANY OTHER MEMBER VIA THEIR PROFILE? A: Yes, in 2 ways. 1. You can reply to someone else' Status  or 2.  leave a message in the bubble provided on the page. In the second case, it will end up on their profile page. To see your Status Replies, I think you just need to go to their Status Update page. However, you can also find them by hitting Status Replies on your onw page

I trust that most of you would only leave friendly messages. Even so, please remember that all the same rules apply, regarding personal attacks, etc.

UPDATE: Q: WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE THE MESSAGE SOMEONE LEFT ON MY PROFILE? A: No worries - you can click on Options in the lower left of their comment and delete it.

Q: CAN I CUSTOMIZE MY PROFILE? - A: Yes. To add a background to your profile, click on Cover Photo in the upper-right corner and go from there.

 Q: CAN I UPLOAD AN AVATAR? - A: UPDATE - Yes. Simply go to the (empty) avatar circle provided on your profile (top-left), click on the photo icon and go from there.

Q; CAN I "FRIEND" OR "FOLLOW" OTHER MEMBERS HERE? A: There is no actual "friending" option on this site. However, you can choose to "follow" another member  - IOWs, be notified whenever that member posts new content - by clicking on the Follow This Member button next to their username (if that member allows followers).

Q: HOW CAN I FIND OUT IF i HAVE ANY "FOLLOWERS?" A:  You will see the list of your followers, if any, in the Followers box on the left side of your profile page.

Q: CAN I OPT OUT OF HAVING FOLLOWERS? A:  Yes. More specifically, you can choose whether or not to allow other members to follow you by going to the Followers box, clicking on the word Options and making the desired choice.


Q: CAN I BLOG ON THIS SITE? - A:  Yes. Just click on "Blogs" (top-left of screen) and then "Create a Blog." Also, please read the several blogs already posted by GPstaff and full of valuable info and ideas for GPs!


UPDATE: Q: HOW DO i UPLOAD PHOTOS INTO THE GALLERY? A: Once you become a full-fledged Member (amass 10 replies), just click on Gallery (above, left), then Add Images and go from there. Or click on Create (above, right), then Gallery Images and go from there. (See more about the Create option in post 10)

Q: CAN I TRACK MY/OTHER MEMBERS' POSTS, THREADS, BLOGS, GALLERY PICTURES, ETC.? - A: Yes. Sometimes you may want to look back at previous threads or replies of yours to check what you said, etc. Or you may want to look at someone else' old threads or replies to refresh your memory of what they said or to review their backstory. Or you might want to check out their blog entries or gallery pictures, if any. To do so, go to their profile page and click on "See Activity" on the upper-right. Once you do this, the member's most recent posts, if any, will appear. Also, to the left, you'll find a list, including "Topics," "Posts," "Blogs," "Gallery Images," etc.  Just click on the desired category. Unlike on previous profiles, you will often be able to check out posts and some other activities going back as far as when the member first joined

Another way you can check out old someone's former posts, here, however, is to do use one of your Search options, as mentioned earlier.

GP.com and the mods trust that you would only check out another member's past posts to try to understand their situation better and not for any negative purposes.



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.. Continuing.... 9


More on Profiles:




Q: HOW DO I SEND SOMEONE A PM? - A: 3 Ways: 1. The easiest, IMO - Point to their username with your arrow. A little box will appear, with. among other things, a Message option. Click on that button and go from there. 2. Click on the poster's username, click on the Message button on their Profile Page, etc. 3. Go to the envelope icon at the top right of the page. Click it on, hit Compose New and go from there.

Q: CAN I SEND A PM TO MORE THAN ONE PERSON? A: Yes. To do so, click on the "Invite Member" button w/ the + sign on it above your PM and go from there.

Q:  IS THE # OF MEMBERS IN A CONVERSATION LIMITED? A: Yes, a regular Member can have up to 10 people in a conversation, including themselves. But  given the upgrade, that number has increased and the # for New Members and others is the same. (See the thread, "I'm a Member..." linked in post 6 above.)

Q: HOW DO I KNOW IF SOMEONE HAS SENT ME A PM? - A: . Click on the envelope icon and you'll see any PMs you've received or sent out.  If you're signed up for it, you will also get a Notification under the bell icon on the top-right of the page.  ( a number will appear, telling you how many unread messages you have)  To see all your PMs, click on Go To Inbox.

Q: HOW DO I REPLY TO A PM? - A: Just key your answer into the Fast Reply box and hit Send. If you want to quote the other person's PM in your reply, click on the Reply button on their post, key in your comments and then hit Send.


Q: CAN ANYONE SEND US A PM OR ONLY OUR FRIENDS? - A: Any GP.com member can send you a PM and vice versa. Exception: You can block another poster's PMs (see below).

 Q: CAN I SEE IF SOMEONE HAS READ A PM? A: Yes. At the top of the PM/PM conversation, you'll find their name and whether or not they have yet read the PM and at what time, etc.

Q: CAN I BLOCK FURTHER PMs FROM ANOTHER POSTER? A: Just as w/ posts, I trust that most members will speak to each other with respect in PM. But if a particular poster sends you a PM that offends you  and you want to block further PMs from them - or if you want to do so, for some other reason - you can. 

To do so, click on your username in the upper right corner of the screen, then Ignored Users and then fill in the offending member's name and check off the appropriate box(es). For example, if you wish to block PMs from them, then check off the box that says Messages, etc. This is a good option, also, of course, if you want to block their signature statements, posts, or just want to block them completely by checking all boxes.

Once you block  a member's PMs, of course, any PM conversation you have had/have been having with them will disappear from your Inbox (but not theirs).

Q: CAN i CLOSE A PM CONVERSATION? A: Yes, If you find the convo offensive, have said and heard all that needs to be said and heard, your Inbox is full or for any other reason, you can delete  the conversation from your box. You can do this simply by clicking on Delete Conversation to the top-right of the PM.. The conversation will still appear in the other poster's Inbox but begone from yours. Nor will the other member be able to reply to that convo, anymore.

 Q: IS THERE A LIMIT TO THE # OF PM CONVERSATIONS I CAN HAVE IN MY INBOX? A: Yes. As the permission chart shows (see link to "I'm a Member..." in post 6 above), the number of conversations a regular Member can have in their Inbox is limited, w/ a slight difference for New Members (those w/ under 10 replies).

UPDATE: Q: CAN I CATEGORIZE MY PM CONVERSATIONS IN SEPARATE FOLDERS? A: Yes. This was always the case, but here's how to do it since the upgrade...

1. Click on the Messenger icon (envelope).

2. Click on Go to Inbox

3. Click on arrow next to word Inbox

4. Click on Add a Folder and go from there

Q: I CAN'T FIND MY FOLDERS FROM BEFORE THE UPGRADE! ARE THEY GONE? A: No. They're still here. Go to your Inbox and click on the arrow next to My Conversations (or whatever folder title is there). All your folders will appear.

Q: HOW CAN I MOVE A CONVERSATION TO A DIFFERENT FOLDER? A: Just click on Message, at the top-right of the conversation, then scroll down to Move To and  here, also, the list will appear. Just hit  the folder in which you want to place the convo.


Q: CAN I REPORT A PM? A: Yes, See the fuller answer in Post #10 below.



Q: HOW CAN I RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS OF NEW POSTS or THREADS IN THE GROUPS THAT INTEREST ME, ETC?  A: Click on your Username, above, right, and then "Account Settings,"*  then "Notifications Settings." (on the right) Then fill out the questionnaire about if and how you would like notices about what. You can choose to be notified via your Notifications List or by email. If you choose the Notifications List, the information will appear under the bell icon at the upper right of any Community page (a red number will appear on the bell, showing you how many new notices you have).

But If you'd like email notices/digests about new content in the groups you enjoy, you need to  go to each such group, click on the "Following" button at the top-right of the 1st page and indicate your wishes (you'll see).

ETA: If you want to receive notices about new content in a specific thread, click on the "Following" button at the top right of that thread and do the same.

 - Exception:   Occasionally, someone signs up to receive such emails but doesn't or does, for a while, and then finds they have disappeared. If that's you,  please let me know, below or via PM ( see post above on how to PM) or contact help@grandparents.com


Q: ARE THERE OTHER WAYS TO SEE THE LATEST THREADS IN THE GROUPS? - A: Yes. The newest threads, in general, are listed on the right of your Community Index Board.  If you click on one of these titles, you will be in that thread and the group in which it was posted. (These titles can go back as much as 1 or 2 days.) Also, GP.com features an interesting thread in the Newsletter, every Tuesday & Thursday, as described in post 5, above.


* For more info about the Account Settings page, see Post #6 above.


.... Continued...

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... Continuing... 10


Q: WHO DO I GO TO WITH CONCERNS OR FOR HELP? A: Technically, you can go to any mod or administrator. But if a group has a lead mod (or lead mods) your best bet, IMO, is to go to that mod (or those mods) first. (In this group, that would be me.). You can also ask a question in the Member Questions forum, as explained in the OP.


Q: IS GP.COM A TOTALLY SECURE/PRIVATE/PROTECTED WEBSITE? - A: No more than any other site on the Internet. Please avoid giving out identifying info, including full names, addresses and phone numbers. I understand that many a proud GP wants to show off their grandbaby's beautiful or unusual full name. And you (general) may feel that a GP website is "benign." But it's still the Internet. So please... DON'T. (Also, unless you have custody of or have adopted your grandkids, it's best to have parental permission b4 posting their pics.)

Please see, also,  "New, Concise Version of the Posting and Moderating Guidelines," Rule # 5, bullet point "a," regarding private/identifying info (link in the OP).


IN ADDITION: As people get friendly, via PM, it's not unusual for them to exchange phone numbers and other personal information. While I don't recommend it, for security reasons, there's no doubt that some posters have developed even closer friendships this way. But thought it's no harm to ask for someone's phone number or email address - once - if they decline, please accept their decision. Also, if anyone pressures/harasses you for your personal info, please notify one of us mods or an administrator, ASAP. Thank you. (Please realize, of course, that you can also block the offending poster.)



RULES/GUIDLINES/POLICIES (not covered above):



Q: WHAT ISSUES DO THEY COVER? A: Private information, slurs against groups of people, threats, personal attacks, swearing and vulgar language, copying and pasting posts, revealing PMs on the board and spam/unauthorized solicitations (surveys), among other things.

Q: WHERE CAN I LEARN ABOUT THESE RULES AND GUIDELINES AND HOW THEY ARE ENFORCED? A: A general statement about the expected behavior on this site is included in "I Just Joined..."  (see link in the OP - opening/original post).  For a list of guidelines more specific to this Community, please see "The New, Concise Version of the Posting and Moderating Guidelines"  (link in the OP).




Q: CAN I REPORT A THREAD OR REPLY WITH VIOLATIONS IN IT OR OTHER QUESTIONABLE MATERIAL? - A: Yes. In the top-left corner of each post is a Report option. If you wish to report a post, click it on and follow the instructions. The report will go to all mods and administrators and any one of us can take action. You can also, of course, just PM a mod or admin.  (To check out what's considered a violation at GP.com, please see "The New Concise Version of the Posting and Moderating Guidelines" linked in the OP) In fact, if you feel a post violates one of GP.com's guidelines or if it offends you, in any way, please feel free to take one of those actions.

Q: CAN I ALSO REPORT A THREAD WITH VIOLATIONS, ETC? A: Yes. To do so, just click the Report button on the OP (original/opening post) of the thread. Again, the report will go to all mods and admins. Again also, if you prefer, you can PM a mod or admin.

 Q: CAN I ALSO REPORT AN OFFENSIVE/QUESTIONABLE PM? A: Yes. There is also a Report button under the name of the offending member on the top-left of their PM. And again, the report will go to all mods and admins. Often, though, it's enough to just block further PMs from the offender, as described in a post 11 above.


However, please realize if you want to both report and block, you need to report first b/c once you block, the PM will disappear from your box.


Also, please realize that any report you make can be seen by all mods and admins.


Q: WHAT IS THE "CREATE" OPTION FOR? A: Click on the Create button on the top right of any Community page and you will see you have 3 choices: Status, Topic and Gallery Image. If you click on Status, you will be able to key in/change a Status Statement that will appear on your Profile Page (see more about Profiles in a post below). If you click on Topic, you can start a new discussion, but only if you have amassed 10 replies, as discussed earlier in this thread. If you click on Gallery Image, you can create a photo album or upload individual photos, as discussed earlier in this thread, as well.


Acronyms and Other Internet Terms

For a guide to acronyms and other Internet phrased commonly used in this community, go to the following thread in MIL Anonymous:







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Hope this thread helps! Enjoy! :)

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ADDITION: For those who need it - to go directly to the GP.com "residence finder" (helps you find the appropriate living situation for elder members of your family who need it  - Assisted Living, nursing homes, etc.), just click on this link and go from there:


OR click on this general GP.com page about care for the elderly and search for Senior Housing in upper-right corner:




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