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Welcome one and all to Mothers-in-Law Anonymous! We're a lively mix of MILs (mothers-in-law), DILs (daughters-in-law) and some others who readily explore the ins and outs, ups and downs of MIL/DIL (and similar) relationships). Looking forward to having you join in our conversations!
  Here are links to some helpful information, especially if you're a new member or a returnee. Please realize that much has changed here over time, so even if you're not "new," this info may be very useful: Before you post, please read the following GP.com thread... ... and the following advice/information/requests:   Also, to familiarize yourself w/ the rules/guidelines for this Community, please read the following thread: While it says "on this forum" in here ^^^, these rules are actually for the whole community - Forums, Blogs, Gallery, etc. In fact, you'll find a similar thread or the link to one pinned to every group. Also, please note that these guidelines were originally posted in 2015. and updated/refined since then. As such, not all of them may necessarily be reflected in any threads you might read that are older than that. Nor do we mods go back and edit/delete posts in such old threads retroactively. Options/Permissions - To see what options are available to you as a New Member, regular Member, etc please check out one of the following GP.com threads and its "permissions" chart (comparison of the options available to New Members and more long term Members, as well as Guests, Moderators and Administrators) :   or...   Changing Your Username - If your username contains your active email addy or actual full name, we strongly advise you to change it.  To see how change your name for any reason, go here :   GP.com also provides an FAQ section:  http://community.grandparents.com/index.php?/forum/35-faq/   Technical or Other Questions About This Community? - If they're not covered here or by the FAQ section, go to the Member Questions forum at the top of the Index or click here: http://community.grandparents.com/index.php?/forum/41-member-questions/   Just click on Ask a Question and key your concern into the box that appears. You can also contact GP.com by simply clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the Index Page and keying in your message. But please understand that Member Questions is  for technical/Community questions only -  not for personal advice.   About This Forum - Also, note that the Description of this forum says, "Dish, vent or ask for advice..." Please realize that when someone is "dishing" or "venting' about their ILs/family members, they might make some unpleasant remarks. At the same time, when you (general) unload in this way, please realize that, given the broader range of views enjoyed on these boards, you may be treated to some perspectives you didn't expect to hear.

In fact. we sometimes deal with some very sensitive topics in here. And some conversations can get rather spirited. But that's fine, no doubt, as long as we all speak to each other with respect and follow the GP.com guidelines linked above.

About the Moderators - All designated mods (those with the status of "Moderator" over their avatars) in this Community have identical powers in all forums, etc. BUT we mods have a kind of informal agreement that we will each respect each others' sovereignty/authority over the group(s)where we are, respectively, the lead mod or mods. The lead mods for this forum are Lilypond2, SueSTx, PhalenMum and me, RoseRed135.

About This Thread - Besides a general welcome, it also includes information about this Community and this forum. That info has been divided into sections ("Joining This Group," "Posting in This Group," etc) for your convenience and spread over a number of "replies." Please feel free to go to individual sections, as needed or read the whole thread through at once, if you prefer. Please reread, now and then to check for updates. If you have any questions  about this forum, please PM (private message) one of the lead mods (see "PMs" in post #6 below) or ask about it in this thread (just key in your question into the Reply box, below, and hit the "Post" button) (The first 7 posts of this thread are numbered at the top left of the post in this thread, beginning w/ post # 2 below.) HTH! Boldface lettering and italics are used in this thread for emphasis. Boldface is also used for titles. And italics, as you can see, have been used for this OP (opening post). The latest updates will be posted in red - please check this thread for them, periodically.

If you're a new member - please feel free to introduce yourself here, briefly, below, whenever you're ready. Eventually, you'll be able to open a discussion thread of your own. But as a newcomer to this Community, you're required to become a regular Member/ post 10 replies to other people's threads in order to be able to open a conversation, yourself. See this GP.com thread: ETA: You also have to become a regular member/amass 10 replies in order to use the Gallery or to start a blog, as you can see in the permissions chart linked earlier. If you'd like some ideas on how and how not to amass those 10 replies, check out this thread in Club Newcomer:     If you're a returnee, please feel free to re-introduce yourself here. And if you're an "old hand,"   please feel free to come into this thread to help welcome others. Also, if you commented in any of our former Welcome threads, no worries, they're still here, just further back in the forum (and locked).

Whatever you do, delighted to have you here and hope you enjoy your stay!   ...Continued below...
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