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Do you find yourselves reverting back to past roles?

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Drawing again on the Judith Viorst book I've been talking about. Another topic that comes up in it is that of parents and/or AC reverting back to past roles. When Alexander first moves back in, for example (his wife and kids are away and will join him a bit later) Viorst finds herself "reverting back to the mommy of his boyhood," expecting him to let her know where he's going and when he'll be back, etc. In response, he informs her that he doesn't want to "hear how (she's) worried all the time" when he's out on his own and he "can;t be thinking I need to call my mommy." OTOH, another mom tells her how her adult DD was only too happy to return a her childhood role again when she came home, letting mom "cook, clean, do the laundry," etc for everyone, including herself (the DD) and her kids.

How about you? If your AC has (ever) returned home to live - or if you've ever done so - do/did you find the roles shifting back to that of parent and minor child? If so, in what ways? And what do/did you do to "fix" that, if anything?

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Thought I'd try pulling this one up further again, in case you (general refilled nester) missed it.

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