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Your New GP experience - How is/was/will it be different than that of your parents or in-laws?

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When I first knew I was becoming a GP, I was determined to be different than my DM and MIL were in this way - .I was adamant that I was not going  to try to interfere in how my DD raised or took care of her kids or give unwanted advice, etc. But, at first, I admit, I found myself doing just that b/c many childcare practices had changed w/o my being aware of it. We even had a couple of arguments, and, sometimes, YDD/the mom and I found ourselves looking at each other like we both had 2 heads. But then she showed me some of the new information, and  I realized that she knew more about babycare now than I did, so I backed off. And this site helped me to see what things were my concern and what weren't.  As such, in this respect, I was able to be different than my kids' GMs were, after all. And, except for those first couple of arguments, my experience of being a new GP went more smoothly than theirs.

How about you? How is/was your new GP experience different from that of your kids' GPs, if at all? Or, if you're not a GP yet, how do you think your experience will be different?

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Both sets of GP for my kids were well into the "acceptable" range, bordering on wonderful. For all my mom's irky-quirky-ness, she loved babies & young children and they always loved her back. My kids were not pawns in a game, so her GM experience was whatever she wanted to make it. She was helpful early on. My sister didn't have the same flexibility with her. My mom wanted sons, she got daughters (this actually was the root of many of my issues with her). When my nephew was born my mom was nearly unhinged. And tried to push my sister into a secondary role with her own child. It was a constant battle to retain authority. 

My experience has been wonderful. I've been invited to be up close & personal. I'm able to create individual relationships with each GK. I never go behind parents' backs. I babysit when I can, not every time I'm asked, because I have a life. I don't allow guilt trips and my kids all know that "no" is a complete sentence. Sometimes its as easy as putting on a movie and making popcorn.

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