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Are you allergic to pollen?...

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As gross as the neti pot is,it works great....just make sure you boil your water first, let it cool down to warm

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Once again I cannot click through the slide show of photos in the article and clicking on view all doesn't work either- But I just wanted to stress how important it is to rinse off your face often, especially around the eyes and nose- Facial hair and skin holds a lot of pollen- Even your ears- I use olive oil for this, but if you apply moisturizer to your face put a little extra around the nostrils and on the eyebrows- It helps to keep some pollen out of your eyes and going up into your nose- Also changing the pillowcase often can help some too- We are surrounded by trees, some of which are conifers that release tons of pollen- Neti pot use helps too .. it's been forever since I have used meds to address the symptoms of seasonal allergy and I couldn't be happier, I don't miss the jittery-ish-ness side effects ..

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