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"Boyfriend/girlfriend?"... "Significant Other?" - "Partner?" - What to call that person you're dating?

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Some older people are uncomfortable introducing someone they're dating as their "boyfriend" or "girlfriend.". They feel it sounds "too adolescent," etc. But what's better? "Gentlemanfriend"/"ladyfriend?" "Significant Other?" "Partner?" Simply saying "friend" and letting people figure out the rest? Or ??


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Funny you brought this up. A dear friend from out of state popped into town and invited me to dinner last night...We've been friends since we were 12, we turn 65 this year...I spent the 4th at my sister's and spent the night...so when I left there for an afternoon visit with a cousin, I would be meeting this friend later...my sister had a cow....she has never understood the concept of men & women being friends for all that I have displayed this behavior my entire life. She wanted to know what kind of "date" was planned, where were going, what we would be doing...

CHILL OUT, I am having dinner with  MY friend....no benefits other than a treasured friendship...He paid because, as he said "I invited you, remember"...I was all for splitting the check. 

We laughed over my sister's antics, because he totally agrees with me...

If I were to introduce someone special, however, all of the important people in my life would know already so I'd simply introduce him by his name...."this is John"...outsiders don't need clarification, IMO. 

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