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      What to do if you get a "Wrong Password" message   01/21/16

      You must reset your password (even if you know it's the right one) before you can sign into the community. Thanks to the upgrade, there's an issue with passwords and signing in. The good news is that you can click here: http://community.grandparents.com/index.php?/lostpassword/ to change your password (it'll let you reuse your old one). If you can't reach the email address connected to your account then please contact the admin at latoya@grandparents.com and I'll help you sort it out. 
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      Anonymous posting is back   01/21/16

      We've removed the extra step that required you to go to the full-page editor to access the anonymous post option. Now, you can reply to a post and toggle the button to post anonymous (see photo below).    Read more on anonymous posting here:    In short, the mods can see who posts as anonymous, we moderate anonymous posts the same as revealed posts, you can reply anonymously to your own topic, you may report anonymous posts.
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"When can/should I post anonymously/as Incognito?"


Recently, some concerns have been raised about the use of the "Incognito" feature. This feature was created to give members a "safer option" for opening a topic to seek advice or perhaps vent a little.. Members - especially new members - often do this b/c, understandably, they're not sure how their comments will be received or are concerned about being recognized by someone they know in real life. It's an excellent feature, IMO, for helping some newcomers "get their feet wet" here, etc.

However, some people have expressed reservations about members posting "anonymously" w/in other members' threads. No doubt, some posters do this, now and then, for the same reasons mentioned above.. And often, it may be just as understandable.

But please remember that the "I Just Joined - What Now?" thread says the following:

Note: do NOT join and make ALL of your posts anonymous. It is appropriate to use the anonymous feature when starting a thread and asking for advice.... If you started a thread as anonymous and want to continue your replies in THAT THREAD ONLY as anonymous then you may do so...

Also, lately, a few members have fallen into the habit of posting Incognito for what appears to be no reason. Is there really any point in posting Incog just to ask another member if they have "any updates," for example? Or telling them they're doing "a good job!?"  No.. It doesn't seem to serve to do anything, except irritate other posters, which, I trust, no one here wants to do.

Please don't use the Incognito feature unnecessarily. And, in general,  please avoid posting anonymously in another member's thread, unless you really feel you need to.

Thank you. :)

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If you would like to see more about the Anonymous/Incognito option, go here:



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