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Common pitfalls & conflicts for new GPs/GP2Bs to avoid

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On Monday, September 11, 2017 at 3:39 AM, RoseRed135 said:

But no matter what seems "normal" to whom, in the end, IMO, GPs (and other relatives) need to understand that it's the expectant parents who get to decide who can be at the birth of their child, if anyone.

Just go with the flow ..

Yes, if the "flow" is based on the parents' wishes. No, if it's based on some other (pushy) relatives insisting on, say, being in the waiting room, getting text updates from the dad, etc. (Hopefully, not too many people are like that, but, no doubt, there are a few.)

Then again, people, what if the parents want you (general) in, say, L&D and you don't want to be there? Is it ok to decline? Or should parental wishes win out here, too?


Yes, it's ok to decline a demand affecting yourself. 

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You can decline....I declined my DD's request, but when her labor accelerated unexpectedly, she & SIL both asked me to stay, she was too panicked to argue with...everyone else was cleared out. There were no complaints. DS' then fiancee was with us (he was at sea, she came to pace for him) and acted as the messenger. When DH complained she was too slow in relaying the info, came back into the room laughing about it, so DD asked her to stay....leaving the WRW (waiting room warriors) to stew.

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