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O/T- Thanksgiving Fails

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On 11/13/2017 at 8:10 AM, Oranges said:

She fired the shot, it's not your fault it backfired.

Oh you're right, and even my 20some year old self at the time knew that. It was Moogie taking it out on me  because she wouldn't take it out on her ds or dh that bugged me. And of course they egged her on.

Always wondered why the competitiveness too. Geesh, if someone was wanting to help out I would love to let them, all that WORK!

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3 hours ago, Hirilain said:

Geesh, if someone was wanting to help out I would love to let them, all that WORK!

For decades DH & I have a "Christmas Brunch"....more of an open house, as it went all day with people coming and going...from the time we started when the kids were in elementary school they helped put on the party...cleaning, setting up, helping in the kitchen, watching the tables for refills during the party and the clean up...they also got to invite a few of their friends...The party stopped the year before DH passed as he wasn't able to put the energy into it the way he had in past years. Frankly, its too much work for one person. My introvert side just flat out refuses now. 

Because my kids were well trained in the art of entertaining, they have no trouble continuing to do whatever needs to be done in my home or theirs. DS & I were discussing Christmas Eve last night...menus, etc...he's a BBQ maven...but the menu is country French...maybe I'll have him roast chickens.


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