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Fraternity deaths - what can be done to prevent them?

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Still another fraternity pledge, it seems, has died possibly b/c of alcohol consumption during initiation:


:How do you feel these tragedies can be stopped/prevented? Or can they?

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16 minutes ago, RoseRed135 said:

How do you feel these tragedies can be stopped/prevented? Or can they?

Given the tragedies can't be completely stopped - I think it's likely the best approach is to involve the alumni board, all other known alumni (of that local frat), and the national organization. Shut down any house that holds drinking/hazing initiations, physical destruction of the property/house and under-age alcohol at parties. Give a certain time frame before they can re-open for rush/pledging - more than weeks/months - several years closed at the local level, before the charter is re-issued from a suspended status - by national. Knock wood, that approach has worked well where we attended college/were sorority and fraternity members.

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