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Letter to my much loved GS

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I keep an online journal, I have for years, and I find it very helpful to keep track of my thoughts and feelings.

I have been writing in it a lot the past few weeks, and one of the things I have written is a letter to my GS Alfie. I know he will never see this letter, but it helps me, and I would like to post it here


"ALFIE - a letter to a beloved grandson


I love you so much Alfie, I don't think you will realize

When your mummy took you out of my life I was heartbroken, as she had said I would never see you ever again.
You probably don't even know I exist, but I do, and I miss you so

You were only in my life for just shy of 10 months but the impact you made will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I know you have forgotten me, as it should be, because it would break my heart thinking that you missed me as much as I am missing you right now

Because your mummy said I would never see you again, I am assuming she has erased all knowledge of me in your life, so as you grow you won't ask too many questions. and again I assume if and when you do ask any questions she will tell you am dead, and maybe by that time I shall be 

You and I, I feel, had a special bond, and maybe your mummy was jealous of that bond, I do not know.

She had her reasons for taking you away, but I shall never understand why.

I do know your mummy loves you very much, and I prey you grow into the wonderful man I hope and prey you will become."

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Such a touching letter!

Expressing your feelings here and in a journal is a good idea, IMO. No doubt, it helps keep them from churning inside and intensifying the pain you're already feeling.

Perhaps someday GS will find you online and get in touch w/ you. Hopefully, however, DD will have reconciled w/ you by then.

Meanwhile, I've sent you a PM (personal/private message). To find it, just click on the the envelope icon in the upper right corner of the page. Thank you. :)

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