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      What to do if you get a "Wrong Password" message   01/21/16

      You must reset your password (even if you know it's the right one) before you can sign into the community. Thanks to the upgrade, there's an issue with passwords and signing in. The good news is that you can click here: http://community.grandparents.com/index.php?/lostpassword/ to change your password (it'll let you reuse your old one). If you can't reach the email address connected to your account then please contact the admin at latoya@grandparents.com and I'll help you sort it out. 
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      Anonymous posting is back   01/21/16

      We've removed the extra step that required you to go to the full-page editor to access the anonymous post option. Now, you can reply to a post and toggle the button to post anonymous (see photo below).    Read more on anonymous posting here:    In short, the mods can see who posts as anonymous, we moderate anonymous posts the same as revealed posts, you can reply anonymously to your own topic, you may report anonymous posts.

C'mon in...

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... to 50 Shades of Blue! As the Forum Description says, it's a group for those who struggle/have struggled w/  any of the several "shades of blue" - depression or other mental health issues,"the blues" or even just "the blahs.". It feels a little strange, welcoming people to a forum that focuses on sadness, but welcome, anyway! Members are usually very gentle and sensitive in their replies here in "Shades," so please feel free to come in here and lay your burden down...

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Meanwhile, If you're new here - or have returned after a long absence - here's some information that you might find helpful:

From GP.com ... to help you get started/restarted...


... to check out your current options/permissions...



... and to see if you can start your own topic or why you can't...



 More from the GP.com Welcome section:



From Club Newcomer...

... for some ideas on how to amass those 10 posts mentioned in the link above...



And from this forum...

... specific posting and moderating guidelines...


While it says "on this forum" in here ^^^, these rules are actually for the whole community. You'll find a similar thread or the link to one pinned to every group.

Also, please note that these guidelines were originally posted in 2015. and updated/refined since then. As such, not all of them may necessarily be reflected in any threads you might read that are older than that. Nor do we mods go back and edit/delete posts in such old threads retroactively!

... and if you suffer specifically from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)...



Also from MIL Anonymous...

... if you want help deciphering acronyms, etc. often used here...


... And if your actual email addy and/or first and last names are in your username, we recommend that you change that for greater privacy. To see how to change your username for any reason, click this on...



But if you still have any technical questions/questions about how this Community works, please feel free to ask them here:


But please understand that the Member Questions section ^^^ is not for personal advice.

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bumping this up for now...

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