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Photos w/ Santa Claus and other holiday activities

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As the regular caregiver for my 2 DGC (dear grandchildren), I'm often fortunate enough to get invited to join them and their mom/my YDD for fun holiday events. For example, yesterday, I had the pleasure of going w/ them and my ODD to a "Santa's/Restoration Village," as I describe in Gigima's "GC are such fun!" thread in the General Gabbery. I don't get included in everything, of course ( for example, YDD still takes the kids to tell 'Santa' what they want for Christmas, but hasn't asked me along in a while). Also, some outings I decline, simply b/c I have other appointments or need some me-time, etc.

But now I'm wondering... If you're the nanny granny (or grampie, etc.) or frequent babysitter for your GC (grandchildren), do you find you get to do a lot of Christmas or Hanukkah, etc.) activities w/ them, such as going to "meet" Santa Claus? Or do the parents tend to keep these activities just for/as a bonding experience for their core family (parents & kids)? Or to share w/ the GPs/relatives who don't babysit?

Or hey, if you're not the go-to babysitter for your GC, do you find yourself getting invited to share these kinds of holiday events? Or inviting your GC (and perhaps their parents, also) to share certain holiday-themed/vacation activities w/ you? Or do the parents tend to include only the GPs/relatives who are caregivers/babysitters for the kids? Or as asked above, do the parents prefer to keep those events for just their nuclear family?

Or as a parent, do/did/would you ever include any GPs in holiday-related activities? Or do/did/would you do those w/ just your own family unit?

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