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Granny (and other Relative) Nannies/Babysitters 9: Revisiting the gift topic

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Say the parents of the GC/relative kids you take care of/babysit have a list of gifts that people can get their children for the holidays, As a granny/relative nanny/go-to babysitter, do you think you know those kids and their parents' rules well enough that you don't need one? If you watch them at their house, do you think you also know, more specifically, what they have/need/etc well enough not to need that list? Or do you prefer to have the list, anyhow?


Also, if you're the parent or custodial GP of underage kids, how do you see this issue? (Others please feel free to weigh in, too, as always.)

ETA: We've explored this topic before, I know. But it has been a while and new members have joined since then.

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i don't have any custody nor do I babysit much...however, I took great pains to develop loving trusting relationships with my kids & Gkids...I listen to them when they talk about the things that interest them....and shop accordingly. Opportunities often present themselves if you are listening.

#2GB is a vintage car junkie...on of his favorite gifts from me was a poster of vintage cars (there were about 75 on the poster in color with names & years of each. It's framed and hangs on his wall. He's the one I got 'the clapper' and a reading light for last year for his birthday....this year its vintage car models for him to put together & paint.

#1GB is what my DD refers to as a 'hoodie *****'...loves hooded sweatshirts....we've already started discussing colleges (he's in 8th grade, but is an elite level athlete, so is on the scout radar)...I got him a Vanderbilt University hoodie & a set of bluetooth headphones. He'll be thrilled

#4GB had to sit through numerous performances of his sister in The Nutcracker...we attended one together Saturday evening, he sat with me (parents were on my other side). He kept asking questions about the characters and was especially curious about the magician's tricks...so a visit to Amazon resulted in a magic set being delivered TODAY. 

The others not quite so easy this year, but we'll figure it out....

The girls are a breeze this year....I find clothes for them all year, 2 boxes, one birthday, one Christmas...and I'm almost finished with mermaids...I had to make 3, had I only made one there would be a howling, sobbing mutiny Christmas Eve...can't have that.

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I'm the boring GM that does savings accounts.  Too much clutter in my GC lives and they will remember this gift as adults.

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