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Granny (and Other Relative) Nannies/Babysitters 10: Will you see your GC on the actual holiday?

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If you're the regular nanny granny (or grampie, etc)/go-to babysitter for your GC, does that mean they make sure to see you on Christmas, Hanukkah, and/or Kwanzaa? Or do the parents feel that since you see the GC often, they need to spend that special day/event w/ other GPs/relatives and see you on an alternate day/occasion? Or do they, perhaps, prefer to spend Christmas (or that first night of Hanukkah, etc.) w/ just their core family? Or??

Also, parents & custodial GPs/relatives, what's your take on this?

All others are welcome to comment, as well, of course.

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Our family always gets together for the Holiday Season, grandchildren and all. I'm so happy for that. I feel for those who live apart and maybe through tight budgets, can't make a car trip or flight to be together with loved ones.

When the grands were babies, I spent so much time with them... babysitting them, visiting, having them over, etc, but not so much anymore. Kids grow so fast and then they get to the point and stage of their early teen years where they don't want to be around adults. The little stinkers. :) 

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