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Welcome Newcomers, 2018! And welcome back, Returnees!

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Welcome, all Newcomers, 2018! And welcome back, returnees!

I'm RoseRed135, Lead Moderator of this forum. I've also been happily married for several years and hubby and I have 2 wonderful adult daughters, as well as 2 adorable (of course) grandchildren (not to mention a great son-in-law)! I'm the regular "granny nanny" to those GC for some part of several days a week, while their mom goes to work or school.

If you're new to this site or even just this Community, please tell us something about yourself, briefly below, when you're ready (just key in your comments in the Reply Box and hit Submit Reply).  If you're a returnee, please feel free to introduce yourself, as well. And if you're an "old hand" here,  :) you may wish to introduce yourself, too, and help welcome new members, as well as help direct them to other forums they may enjoy.

In fact, this group was created as a springboard to other groups. So if you're a newcomer and you tell us something about your interests/concerns, we may be able to help you find the forum or forums that "fit," if you haven't already. Also, please check out the following "stickypost"/thread pinned to the front of the forum w/ a thumbtack icon:




But I know how bewildering it can be when you (general) are trying to familiarize yourself w/ a site/part of a site. So please see this sitckypost:


Meanwhile, please note that every month, there is a Question of the Month pinned to the front of this forum.  Hopefully, the answers to these will help us to get to know each other better. Please feel free to reply to these whenever you're ready, as well as any other such questions further down the page, etc. (unless locked, of course).

Whatever you do, delighted to have you here! :good: Enjoy! :give_rose:

ETA: If you posted in one of the earlier Welcome threads in this forum, no worries. It's still here - just further down the page or in the back (and locked).

Read on for some more info that you might find helpful...

ETA: As you can see in the Announcements (top of page) and the Welcome section, as of March 15, 2018, this Community is being moved to GP.com's FaceBook site. The links & information given here are current for this Community here on GP.com until then. Sorry to be, sort of, saying, "Hello & goodbye," but hope you'll join us over on FB. :)

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Here are a the links to a some threads you might find helpful (even if you didn't "just join")*:

From GP.com...



Please note that this^^^^ is true, also,  for opening a blog or accessing the Gallery.


Here in Club Newcomer...

For suggestions on how (and how not) to amass those 10 posts mentioned above -



For specific posting guidelines -

While it says "on this forum" in here ^^^, these rules are actually for the whole community. You'll find a similar thread or the link to one pinned to every group.

Also, please note that these guidelines were originally posted in 2015. As such, not all of them may necessarily be reflected in any threads you might read that are older than that.


Elsewhere in this community...

A thread that pulls together much info about getting started in this community is in the Welcome section at the top of the Index page:




A guide to acronyms and other common Internet terms can be found in the MIL Anonymous forum -




Also, if your actual email addy or full name is in your username, we recommend that you change it for greater privacy. To see how to change your name for whatever reason, just click on this thread in the MIL Anon forum:


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I joined the community yesterday and as my name indicates, I live in WA State. I am a GM to 5 great kids ranging from 4 to 16. One DD lives here in WA and the other lives in TX with 3 of the grands.

I have low-to-no-contact with the TX DD and it grieves me, but there's little I can do. I seem to trigger her rages out of the blue (I'm not the only one) and it's not good for me. It's sent me to therapy twice as she says very hurtful things and does not accept apologies, but holds grudges. I do send messages to my grandsons (14 and 16) through their dad (they're divorced) but have not seen them for some time. She has what my therapist and I agree is called "Intermittent Explosive Disorder," and she needs therapy, too, but first she needs to acknowledge she has it. She's also verbally abusive to her boys. She has a little girl who is 4, but I don't think (haven't observed) her doing that to her.

My DD who lives here and I get along fine, but she is a very busy person. Her oldest is 15 and he is on the autism spectrum. I am very involved with him; we do many things together like hiking and going places he's interested in. He stays at our house at least one weekend a month. The live about 20 miles away.

I still work full time at our local daily newspaper, and look forward to retirement to the point I have a countdown on my calendar to my 66th birthday in a couple years. I enjoy nature, gardening, hiking and also stitchery.

I came here looking for people like me...sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who has these problems, but that just can't be true.

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@KayRinWA - Welcome! Glad that you decided to join us and that you're becoming an active poster! You also seem to be very active iRL (in real life). So it seems to me your life is full, despite a few frustrations.

You definitely are not the only one who has the problems you describe. I'm so sorry about your strained relationship w/ your TX DD. If it's any comfort, though, many members here on on "low-to-no-contact" w/ a family member or IL, yes, sometimes even their AC (adult child) or parent. Just check out the following thread in the Grandparents without Grandchildren forum (even though, fortunately, you're not totally distanced from any of your GC):


You're not the only one here who has or helps out w/ a child "on the autism spectrum," etc. In fact, I just posted a thread on special needs children/GC in the Grandparents Caring for Grandkids forum. It may interest you"


Whatever you do, looking forward to talking w/ you some more!

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4 hours ago, KayRinWA said:

I came here looking for people like me...sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who has these problems, but that just can't be true.

There are way more people "like me" than you ever thought possible. This is a place to share, vent, listen & support...and with the degree of anonymity that makes you feel a bit less conspicuous sharing your thoughts/issues.

We are very opinionated...some will seem harsh, but no offense is ever intended...There will be avenues opened to you that you never thought existed.

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