Swedish "death cleaning" - do/would you declutter this way?

By RoseRed135 in General Gabbery,
Recently, I've become aware of a decluttering process apparently popular in Sweden, known as "death cleaning (or "dostadning," a Swedish word that combines the words "death" and "cleaning"). The idea is to donate/discard anything in your home that no one will want after you die. Or if you have family who do want it, give it to them now. (You can also sell some items, of course, on ebay, etc., but that means they sit in your house longer.) It's an ongoing process, of course since most of us don't know when that sad day is coming. (I've read it's recommended to start about age 65, even though you will likely live way beyond that. But some say it's fine - even good - to begin younger.) Well, I'm over 65, but I've started doing it - a little. While clearing off a crowded shelf, for example, I noticed the charming figurine/bell DM used to use to call us kids in for dinner (back when kids ran around the neighborhood on their own for hours). She kept it  as a decoration b/c it's pretty and for sentimental reasons. And after her passing, so did I. But I realized it will mean nothing to my DDs or nieces and nephews (DBs are gone, unfortunately). So... sigh... I tossed it. Death cleaning begun. Since then, I've removed a few more items this way. One problem I've run into though is that there are many things I still enjoy, even though my DDs, etc. may have no interest in them. So they're on my mental list for future death cleaning, but I'll keep them around for now. Also, there are some things DDs want but can't take right now. Those will stay here for a while, too. And then there's DH - he's not ready to think "death cleaning" yet, even though he's older than me. So there are items he bought/inerited/loves that will stay around for now, even though no one will want them later on. How about you? Do/would you ever clean/declutter/have you even cleaned/decluttered this way?.
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