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Feeling Shut Out

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My youngest son married his high school girlfriend a couple of years ago. While they were dating, she was at our house always. We had a good relationship, I thought. I am 56 years old and finally became a grandmother in July to a beautiful baby girl. I have always wanted to be a mamaw. My husband and I have (5) sons. This is the first girl. When my son told me we were going to be grandparents, I cried from happiness all day. It is now Nov. It is so hard being the mother of the son. Girls are naturally close to their Moms. I was close to mine. But, I feel completely shut out. My daughter in law is a nurse. Her family babysits our granddaughter. I have expressed that I would like to keep her. Only twice since she was born. Now my son just purchase a house close to my daughter-in-law's parents, farther from us. We live in the same area, but since the baby has been born, they have only visited twice. We try to go visit once a week, but I feel like a stranger in my son's home. Tonight we went to visit and my granddaughter cried when I held her. It's from not being around us. I held back tears for most of the night. My son called today and invited us over. He said for dinner, but when my daughter-in-law got home, she had purchased chicken to go over to her parent's home to eat. We left. I am so depressed. I have no one to talk to. I will not say anything to the children. I don't want things to get worse. I feel so hurt. I feel like I have to give up and being close to my granddaughter. If I don't give up then I will just get hurt over and over again. Surely, someone else out there has been in this situation. Please give me some comforting advise on how to let it go.

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