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      Tell us about your experience with signing up for Medicare   01/23/18

      We want to know what the process was like for you, any difficulties you experienced, the length of your process, etc. This is strictly research and any information you share with us will not be shared elsewhere. Please email jack@grandparents.com with the subject line: Medicare Process and we'll be in touch with specific questions.
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      PLEASE READ: We are moving the community   02/15/18

      Dear Community friends and family,   After great consideration, we are moving the Grandparents.com community to Facebook Groups effective March 15, 2018.   This wasn’t an easy decision, but we want to bring our communities together and believe the best place to do so is through Facebook’s groups feature. We’re so appreciative of you and the diverse conversations and opinions you have provided over the past 9 years. Your stories and amazing advice have helped so many readers, and have reached thousands of GP.com users. We encourage you to retrieve any information you want to retain as the forum will only be accessible by the admin after March 15, 2018. We’ve created a closed Facebook group called Mothers-in-Law Unplugged where we welcome you to continue the conversations around grandparenting, family, and in-law relationships, and any general topics we discuss here. As the group is closed and each user must be approved, your friends and family on Facebook won’t see any of your activity. Request to join the group here: http://bit.ly/milunplugged Thank you to all of our past and current users. You helped build our community, and we look forward to continuing to interact with you in the Facebook groups. If you have any questions about the groups and privacy, let’s chat about here:   Sincerely,   The Grandparents.com Team
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What's considered a personal attack?

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When a member substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when attacking another member's claim. This line of "reasoning" is fallacious because the attack is directed at the member making the claim and not the claim itself.

  • Accusations about personal behavior that lack evidence.

  • Racial, sexist, homophobic, ageist, religious, political, ethnic, sexual, or other epithets (such as against people with disabilities) directed against another member. Disagreement over what constitutes a religion, race, sexual orientation, or ethnicity is not a legitimate excuse.

  • Linking to external attacks, harassment, or other material, for the purpose of attacking another member.

  • Threats, including, but not limited to:

• Threats of legal action

• Threats of violence

• Threats to give out personal details about a member.


Additionally, using phrases such as “seem” and “sounds like” still constitutes as an attack. For example, “User9382649836 seems selfish about her grandkids.”

"Sara said she didn’t give her grandkids candy. But she is untrustworthy, so she must have given them candy.”

"Ashley says that her MIL is an idiot, but from her posts she sounds like an idiot herself, so I don’t believe her.”


If you feel as if another member has made personal attacks toward you or another user, please report it and the mods will handle it accordingly. 

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